craft inspiration & tutorials

storing wrapping paper
thankful tree easy gift topper

pom pom garland

construction paper bows

"pom" tree


recycled pillow boxes

paper flowers

comic book boutonniere

magazine wreath

5 minute silhouettes

baby gifts to sew quick tulle tutu
easy owl pillow

simple cupcake toppers disney silhouettes
a paper bag garland

painting over thrift store art an easy teacher gift
april fool's "poo" fudge

roll-up felt car track

corset apron

paper medallion tutorial

paper heart garland
hubby valentines

dollar store treat bags

milk carton ghosts

halloween treats

halloween at work

thanksgiving at work tour

paper bag turkeys

halloween handouts

wrapping paper scallops

quick paper banner

wood star

fox tree topper

quick teacher gift

paper poinsettias

music nativity backdrop

faux christmas mantel

flamingo tree topper

recycled clothes penguin


  1. Love your blog you are really funny. I am also going to make a craft room with no budget. Thanks for the ideas.
    Naomi from www.stagewstyle

  2. Hi, do you have the download for the M&M Father's Day handouts? We would love to do that this year.

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