about me

A quick, more-than-you-cared-to-know bio:

I was a Stay-at-Home mama for over 12 years.

Once everyone was in school, I started working part-time during the day to make sure we could afford to feed five teenagers.

So although I spend my days solving problems at an office, nights are full of fun things like cleaning the pee from the walls floor around the toilet, purging closets (again?), playing with my glue gun/painting furniture/pretending that I can sew/any other project I can immerse myself in to avoid folding up laundry or - EVEN WORSE - making dinner.

Um....what else....

Our oldest son has autism, which has been our family's biggest trial and greatest blessing.

I was born and raised in Fresno, California, but have lived in Texas for the last 9 years and fallen hopelessly in love with the people, the IKEA close by, and the thunderstorms.

I'm 5'9.

I've been known to randomly burst into song and/or dance.
I've played the piano since I was 5. I dabble in the ukulele.

I hate scary movies, strawberries, and am even more terrified of public speaking, although I did go on TV once.

I laugh often and loudly, just like a lady should.

I post when I feel inspired, which is either often or not at all.

Gotta question for me?


P.S thanks for stopping by.