Monday, October 17, 2016

what to do with a vintage ammo box

This guy, picked up eons ago for $10, has worn many hats. Figuratively speaking.

Under bunkbeds safeguarding little treasures.

Below a sofa table stashing old magazines I couldn't bear to let go.

The boys eventually used it to hold their drinks (which aren't supposed to be out of the kitchen in the first place) and rest their stinky feet on while playing video games. Only problem was it was a wee bit too short.

Casters to the rescue.

It was like this box was MADE for wheels. A wooden strip was already on each side, providing the perfect attaching spot. Thank you, Army!

Some nuts {blush} keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the caster holes.

Now it acts as a makeshift bench when friends come over, or rolls out of the way completely when we want the extra room.

Less visual space than a coffee table, the dinged-up painted finish forgives teenage carelessness,

and it draws your attention down to the ground instead of looking at the cat worn edges of the couch or the primed panel wall that still isn't painted 18 months after it was put up.



  1. What a cool piece, so much history in it. You have certainly gotten your money's worth from that chest. And what a great solution to put the wheels on it. I'm sure it will serve you well for years to come, whether it's where it is now or somewhere else. Thanks for posting about it.

    1. If it can survive the front line, it can survive these boys, right? :)

  2. Bargain! Functional yet fabulous.

  3. What a great idea! As a Mom of teenage boys I can certainly relate! Btw, love that you have a cat worn couch and an unpainted panel wall! Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. So, Nathan and I want to fly you out for a weekend. Pretty much serious.
    Help us out with our house as we are renovating it...your brilliant and really good at what you do!

  5. Please return to blogging! I miss your fabulous creative ideas : )


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