Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Because it's almost Valentine's Day and your man needs lovin' too

Really, two months?

I suppose posting only when one feels inspired makes for some rather awkward pauses.

Please don't mistake the silence as indifference. It's more like the quiet that translates into a 3-year-old getting into mischief just around the corner.

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So even though there's a long list of Things I Have Learned In the Past 8 Weeks to discuss (topics include: If You Hate Your Hair Long, Stop Trying To Grow It Out; Quitting Facebook Is The Easiest New Year's Resolution Ever; and Why PMS Is Like Beast Mode For Organizing Because You Just Throw It All Away), there's no time for that right now.


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No need to get all stressed out and think it has to be fancy, when just a cut out piece of paper, a loop of tape, and a marker will do the job just fine. Nothing says love as powerfully as suggestive-ghetto-ransom-note chic.

Those painfully honest Snickers they're selling now can add your love notes.

Guess HOO can't celebrate a holiday without at least one pun?

Now go forth and make someone smile.

{Need even more inspiration? Check out more PG-13 ideas here and here}


  1. I love this post! I have also learned those same things. If I hate my hair short why do I keep cutting it! I quit facebook at Thanksgiving, Best thing ever! And Beast Mode fo shoow! It. All. Goes!

    1. HAHA! Taking control of things must be in the air!!

      P.S if your hair is "short" in that profile photo, our definitions are MUCH different ;)

  2. YOU are the best! I smiled and shared with my crafty friends who have significant others (I'm a single gal and LOVE it!). Thanks for the fun, the great, creative, clever and oh so easy and cheap to make too! Have a Happy VD!

    1. Actually, that last one is going to a friend...(there *may* have been hateful thoughts at one point or another towards my darling husband). Love is universal, baby!! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Love your ideas! Unfortunately my hubby has been out of town. As usual he is away for Valentines day, his birthday (15th) our anniversary (20th), but will be back for our daughters b-day (22nd) We'll celebrate them all wrapped into one.
    You are right, organization is in the air, I am working on my craft room, was hoping to have it done in the 2 weeks hubby is gone, but a bad cold struck and it just isn't happening. BUT it will, it's moving along and I have to be ruthless and purge, which is very hard. I'm "old" so I'm way past the PMS stage, but I'm in the "I have too much crap and need to be able to actually get into that room." stage.
    Thanks for more smiles!


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