Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 It's the last birthday of this decade. I KNOW. Let's celebrate with some late-thirties rambling.

1. I'm horrible at taking care of things. Not like children (although somedays I have my doubts) - actual things. Books. Clothes. Shoes. Left wherever I used it/took it off last. I love wearing (cheap costume) jewelry, but the moment I'm home it's yanked off and were it not for this necklace holder or a leftover-egg-carton "earring holder", every. single. piece would've have been lost by now. I had hoped this was a flaw that would be outgrown eventually. It's not looking promising.

2. Home Fires on PBS. Did you watch? If not you can stream it online. Dare I say as good as Downton Abbey or The Paradise?  Plus THE DRESSES. As a self proclaimed Hater of Pants, the dresses made me all kinds of happy.

3. The exception to the Pant Loathing: sweats. They do not count as pants and therefore cannot be hated. In fact quite the opposite is true, much to my husband's dismay. One of the trillions of reasons this time of year is my favorite is the emerging of the sweat pants. And hoodies. And layering, which I do year round, but seems much more appropriate when it's not 107 degrees outside. Not that that ever stops me. Same with boots. Much less sweaty in November.

4. I'm itching to put Christmas stuff up early this year, which is directly at odds with my desire to get rid of most of the decorations. Maybe the urge to PURGE is really what the feeling is, and it's hard to give crap away if it's still in the attic?

The last few years we've gotten rid of at least four big rubbermaid bins full of stuff, and although there's not a whole lot left, it still feels like too much. The kids gave me grief last year that given time, EVERYTHING would be gone, and they'd have nothing left to look forward to getting out every Christmas season.

Should I listen to the pleas of the children? Follow my own {hormonal} gut? There's plenty of room where they're stored, so it's not like any of it is in the way, but it's like I can feel the weight of it in my brain and I don't want to anymore.

5. As I was unloading groceries into the car yesterday, a tween-aged boy was trying to get his mother's attention as she was doing the same in the SUV behind me.
"WHAT?!" she fired back.
You know exactly how it sounded. That "what" voice. We all do. And it make me smile. It was somehow...comforting. As women, it would seem that our irritations are more universal than we think.

(Hey kid - here's a tip. Mama would be much more pleasant if you'd get off your phone and HELP her with the groceries. Promise.)

6. Remember how we had to sell our tickets last year in what was maybe the suckiest streak of suckiness of all time? Well, Counting Crows came to town AGAIN now that they're ending their tour and we got to go (!!!!). I may have teared up (read: sobbed) through some of the songs because it was so good and my heart burst into a million pieces and the emotions had nowhere to go but out my eyeballs.

Before the crying began.

7. Speaking of crying, is there a switch somewhere that gets flipped as one gets older making you susceptible to weeping spells? Like driving down the freeway and a song comes on you haven't heard before but spotify recommends it for you and the next thing you know you can't see through the tears? I've always been susceptible to arpeggios and a faint John Denver-ish sound, but TEARS? Just dumb. (Here's the song. It's not new, and the video is boring/lame. Pay no mind to it, just look away and listen. Still makes my insides tingly. Please explain what is happening.)

8. This post on facebook/IG awhile inspired a private message saying it would be refreshing to see Before/Afters like that online because it would be more relatable. Relatable maybe, but also DEPRESSING.

THEN (way back from this post)

and NOW

It should be noted that this was AFTER she had "worked on it". Not quite sure what those words mean.

9. A friend sent this photo, saying she had spotted my doppleganger in a Sesame Street book. Dead ringer, no?

10. Have I expressed any less than 917 how sending packages is my favorite thing in the whole wide world?

{be careful what silly photos you post online}

Usually just the IDEA of someone opening them is enough to make me giddy, but this time my brother filmed it which made it *almost* like getting to be there. Which is awesome.

(Back story: this is my step mother, and rumor has it she has a crush on Steven Seagal. At that point I basically had no choice to not only celebrate her love, but to also send the box to her office because love like this shouldn't be left to sit on a front porch at home all alone)

{fact: I have never seen a Steven Seagul movie. Before this "project", I couldn't have even picked him out of a line-up. Am I missing out? Google says no.}

A cookbook turned into a magazine a la Photoshop.

Naughty girl.


  1. In regards to the Steven Seagal gift, she says, "Oh, she is so bad!" and follows up with, "I don't even want to destroy it!"

    I'd chalk that up as a win, my friend. Nailed it!

    1. I agree!!! Embarrass/horrify them at first, but in the end they feel loved. A perfect recipe!! :)

  2. Steven Seagul stayed at the hotel I worked reception at, back when I was in high school. When he returned from whatever he was doing at the local theatre (in crappy little Hagerstown, MD), I said, very sweetly and with a genuine smile "Welcome back Sir, please enjoy your evening". I can only assume it was his disgust at having to resort to performing (to this day I dont know what he was doing - Q&A? Reading? Acting? No idea...) in Hagerstown that made him grimace at me and keep walking without a word. JERKFACE.

    1. 1. Maybe he was mad that you didn't fangirl over him? Although after seeing the google images that pulled up, "grimace" seems to be his default expression.

      2. I totally have been through Hagerstown!

  3. I love when you do these post with random thoughts and events etc. Love the Steven Segal box, what a hoot. Just know that if you ever needed to send me a box for any reason, I love Shemar Moore and Denzel Washington. Then there's Mark Harmon and Michael Weathersly, oh and The Rock is another hot one, and Scott Bakula.......well the list could go on and on! LOL
    I just moved out of my 50's a couple weeks ago, yes I hit the big 60! Hard to believe, I don't feel like I should be that old. I need to think about this, I might have to do a post on my blog about being 60, hmmmmm don't know for sure, but there is a possible post in that.
    Boy can I relate to a few of these too! The first one, oh yeah, the chair in the bedroom always has clothes on it, if they can be worn again they end up there. And that before and after, went through that with both the kids. And being annoyed? Well that happens all the time, for no apparent reason. And I'm one of those people that cries at commercials. You are not alone my friend, not at all!
    Great post! Thanks!

    1. Oh Kristie - so many men to work with! HAHAHA!!! Congratulations on moving into another decade. You wear it well :)

  4. This was really entertaining and chock-full of genuinely good stuff. I'm a couple years older than you (but holding at "35"), and have discovered some teenager still lingers in me. I get sappy emotional over some TV ads for unknown reasons, I still do the "mom, mom, MOM!" thing at my mother just to annoy her, and my bedroom floor sometimes devolves into your "After" photo. That Seagal box is horrifyingly funny, and I wish I had been there when it was delivered.

    1. Now I'm trying to remember 35...only a few years back, but already gone from my memory :) I had always thought that the teenager inside would eventually mature? I think you're right though, as it doesn't seem to be happening.

      Also, if you noticed, there wasn't a photo of *my* teenage bedroom floor posted. My mother would NEVER have kept a record of such atrocities. Which is a shame - I dare say it would've been near identical.

  5. Happy Birthday my friend! I can't help you with your crying problem... because I cry All The Time! At everything, for every emotion. I've always been this way, but it's way worse since I had a kid. (let's blame them shall we?). And while I don't have a video of opening my gift from you... I did take pictures along the way. Seriously. x

    1. See? I've always made fun (secretly)(okay, NOT so secretly) of ladies that get all teary at stupid stuff. Is this karma? Last week we had the most fantastic clouds/sunset that I've seen in awhile and it made me all weepy. It makes no sense.

      P.S Pictures? Why have I not seen these pictures? Oh wait I know: because I'd CRY.


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