Tuesday, September 8, 2015

sweet & simple packaging ideas

Awhile back, an unbelievably talented friend of mine (you can see her work here) asked me to come chat about quick, easy packaging and wrapping ideas at a photography conference in the area. Fashion doesn't really interest me, but dressing up photo canvases and books and itty-bitty flash drives before they're given to the families? Oh mama.

Side note: if you ever find yourself in a funk, spending an afternoon blabbing about silly things you love can do miracles for your spirit.

^^ {tip #1 - use old book pages as filler instead of tissue paper}

The focus was less crafty/more premade, but all fast and fool-proof. 
Okay, technically the pom is DIY, but #1 they learned how to make them and 
#2 the tag was from a pack. So it still counts.

A few of the things we covered:

 The sky is the limit with assemble-it-yourself box packs.
The same container can have multiple personalities. In a good way.

 Ripped fabric strips mean FREE "embellishments".

Even better when it's old jeans because it means cleaning out the denim graveyard.
The rosette is another (quick!) crafty project, but Hobby Lobby carries similar poofy things already done.

Using leftover paper scraps (or pulled out of those 6x6 scrapbook pads) dresses up regular ol' newspaper,

or white kids art paper right off the roll.

A thank you card gets slipped under some garden twine from the garage and all of a sudden looks kinda fancy. 

(printable paper bow template here)

And, of course, you can't talk about wrapping photos without wrapping WITH photos.  Duh.

Last tip: a little gold goes a long way.

{Michaels has their colored doilies in the dollar bins again. 
They look good on anything, but super smashing against black.}


  1. Oh you just make it look so easy! Love your ideas! Will be thinking of you in the next couple days as I have a baby shower to attend on Saturday and I haven't wrapped the gift yet..
    Thanks for another great post.

    1. HAHA! The idea is always the hardest part. It's tricky to wrap up a bunch of stuff and try to make them all look different. Have a blast at your baby shower!

  2. Love the denim packet! And the newspaper with scarpbook square. And the Jar... well, I adore anything in a jar, and anything that makes use of the heap of old books in the garage I was supposed to get rid of ages ago!

    1. I'd rather get one of YOUR jars....mmm lemon.... ;)

    2. If I could afford the postage you would!

  3. So beautiful. A beautiful gift wrap can make the recipient feel special. All a gift wrap needs is an innovative thought like the above you have shared. Thanks...

  4. Loved your ideas. It is fun to try them because these look really nice and make the unique gift ideas.


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