Thursday, November 6, 2014

Folded Paper Flower Gift Topper

Wrapping season is coming. Plus it feels like eons since we got crafty up in here.

I was fooling around making those flowers from a hundred years ago and accidentally got obsessed.

 Reasons these flowers rock:

1. They aren't technically origami, because that crap is hard. Yes you're folding, but it's SO simple.

2. If you're gift wrapping packages to ship cross country, these can be smashed flat and still come out of the box looking like Beyonce.

3. Although my default setting is pressie beautification, you could certainly use these in one trillion other ways. Scrapbooks. Cards. Glue a pinback on it and dress up a cardi. Stick a group of them on a wall in a little girls room. That's only 4 other ways, but get the idea. NO LIMITS.



{It's not the end of the world if you do, but just creasing the bottom half will give you the middle reference line you need, while keeping the top of the petal smooth. I'm not a perfectionist in any sense of the word, but there's no reason to make things more crumpled than they need to be.}

 If you want to mix things up a bit, you can alternate which side of the paper is the "main" pattern of the petal. Switched up it's still flowery, but sorta patchwork quilt-y like too.


 * 2 inch circles seem to be the easiest to work with, but play around.
Itty bitty ones would be adorable.

* The pattern facing DOWN when you start folding is what you will see the most of. 
The side you want as your accent should be the side that's facing UP before you make any folds.

* Using a lot of glue stick (so it doesn't dry quickly) or liquid school glue is best.
EVERY SINGLE FLOWER I've made needs some serious adjusting when you go to fill those last four petals in. They'll be gaps or overhang and you'll need something that will let you scoot pieces around. Hot glue will NOT let you do this.

* Keeping those first 4 petal's flaps on TOP of those last 4 petal's flaps below will give you a more cohesive pattern and keep things less jumbled.

What else? Oh yeah.

If you don't have double sided paper, cardstock or construction paper is just as effective.

Or you can glue two pieces of patterned paper together. Or use book pages. Or better yet, something from the recycle bin. Nothing can stop you.

Look. That one doesn't even have a middle and it's still charming. I was weary of how a busy image would look once it's been folded up, but these ended up being some of my favorites.

I traced some 3 1/2" circles to make a huge monster one, and although it's pretty sweet, if you mind that thigh gap in between "petals", be warned. The bigger you go, the more obvious the space.

It's pretty much a given that the general non-crafting population will never even notice.

This is the very first one. The guinea pig. Scrapbook paper circa 2004. That top petal is a bit wonky, and this was before I figured out the four opposite flaps on top/other four below trick. Again, it's not the end of the world if you don't want to bother with the detail part. Still turns out perfectly respectable.

Another up/down alternating pattern.

Now go forth and fold.


  1. These would be perfect for young women in excellence! But alas I have no hole punch and no paper... Still in a hotel... Sad!

    1. Brilliant. And the GIRLS could make them. You're such a smarty pants.

      As fun as hotel living would be for a few days, no WAY I could survive as long as you least with kids :)

  2. Beautiful job on these flowers and the tutorial. I haven't made these for ages, thanks for the reminder. I'll have to do some for Christmas gifts. I do love the ones with the different papers, never thought of using magazines etc, will have to pull some things out and make some soon. Thanks!

    1. It wouldn't be a proper post without some trash getting recycled :) Pretty papers are fun, but certainly not required.

      P.S red and white flowers would look fantastic on Christmas gifts!!

  3. They look fab! Off to get myself a hole punch....

    1. No, you don't need one for this project, but YES you need a circle punch in your life! Use a 50% off coupon and they're like $7. Not too bad for something you'll use forever and ever.

    2. Oh yeah. You know what I mean!

  4. I'm completely crazy about this project. CRAZY! I need to be institutionalized I'm so crazy about it! Thanks for the tutorial!!

    1. That doesn't *technically* reflect on this project as you needed to be institutionalized already - HA! I wanna see photos when you make some (that will no doubt be superior to mine in every way).

  5. So....I was wrapping Christmas gifts this evening...(yes, I'm an overachiever, so what?) I found a billion scraps of ribbon...I've always wanted to throw them away, but i always hear you in the back of my mind, "no! Don't throw it away! You'll need it some day!" So, I smiled and added another one to the pile. See you in the looney bin, my kindred spirit. We'll be the ones making each other socks out of our scraps of yarn.

    1. YES! And they'll be the most epic socks EV-AH!!

      P.S I hope my voice in your head sounds like a friendly, non-hoarder reminder, rather than a spooky Ghost-of-Christmas-Future warning :)


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