Thursday, October 23, 2014

happy things

* While the daytime highs are still in the strong 80's here in Texas, at night it's beginning to dip down into the 60's. I keep seeing beautiful fall photos everywhere ( Elizabeth), and although there are no color changes here quite yet, we *can* open the windows without sweltering.

After months of being cooped up in air conditioning, that feeling of fresh air whisking through the house is heavenly.

Jack Black/Juan Pablo reflecting on his life choices

* This sweet email made my day. Liked the words, LOVED the photo.

{I took liberty to add the spooky black and white filter because one cannot resist such things}

"Your zebramingo inspired me to make a couple skellamingos!  You MUST blog more often!!!!  It's a highlight in my sad little life!

~ Sharon

* Speaking of zebringos and sad lives, this year's Christmas tree "theme" will be my favorite forever and ever because really? There is no way it can be topped. Pun intended. It's a magical blend of freaking awesome and whimsical and IF WE'RE LUCKY my husband may not throw a fit like last year. I'm not trying to keep it a secret (the kids know and are all on board)(except for the youngest, who just looked confused when it was explained and said "that sounds weird"), but if I blab I know he will attempt to thwart my efforts. I cannot be stopped.

* There's only 2 of us at work, aside from the agent, so we get to listen to whatever we want on the stereo. Are they still called stereos in 2014? In any case, my first day on the job the other guy asked if I minded music on.

"Only if it doesn't suck."

Luckily my go-to radio station is what he was already listening to which means that:
  • I was meant to work there
  • There are no arguments 
  • He is forced gets to listen to me sing for 4 hours a day. And dance in my chair to anything that requires it. And squeal when my favorites come on. 

* I grew up as the oldest of five: 4 girls and a boy caboose. For those keeping score, that would be the exact opposite of my five kiddos. I was talking to Sierra the other day about what a different experience she's had growing up, surrounded by boys. I truly can't imagine a life without sisters. This post {five years ago!) was the last time we were all together.

 A few things evident in these photos:

Those laughs that you can hear from outside a room when the door is closed? We all have them.

We have no problem squeezing each others body parts in front of sacred religious buildings.

We clearly never treated Benjamin like a little submissive cat that we could dress up and push around in a stroller.

We always establish boundaries and respect others personal space.

We have a love of jazz hands and spirit fingers. Probably not the look his bride imagined in her wedding photos, but look what a good sport she is.

We also were raised on a healthy diet of 7 Brides For 7 Brothers, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music. You know what would be super fun in a sophisticated wedding shot? To channel the von Trapp family at their farewell Nazi concert competition. Cuc-koo. Cuc-koo.

{why was I trying to be more conservative and attempting to grow my hair out again? I can't pull it off.}

So when I came across this video on instagram, not only can I guarantee that we have no less than 47 primitive home videos from growing up that would look eerily similar to this routine, but it made me miss my mild mannered, never ridiculous sisters something awful...

A video posted by ali royal (@aroyal2) on

Happy Thursday.


  1. Love this post. Can't wait to see how the Christmas tree turns out. So fun! Love, love, love the sibling pictures. I'm the only girl of 4, and although I sisters in law, it's not the same as having sisters. I can't imagine not having brothers.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love. And, yes, that really is how the towns and villages look, not just for tourists, but it's the way they live. Lovely country.

    1. I think you're on to something, Kristie. Maybe we just can't imagine anything other than what we had because that was our "normal". Because my brother was 10 when I graduated and moved out, I didn't have the surrounded by teenage boys experience and don't know how that would've felt. Until now. One word: STINKY :)

  2. We were raised on the same diet!

    1. The best nutrients of all, wouldn't you say? Being able to belt out the perfect show tune for any given situation is the most important trait I look for in a friend. It's no fun to sing alone. Not that I won't...

    2. I totally agree. And I find at the very least, you need a dance partner when singing anything from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Or at least someone to nod approvingly, in time...


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