Tuesday, February 11, 2014

valentine's day gift ideas for your man {mild, medium, and *spicy*}

We talked about fun things to get your special someone last February, but it's that season again. Here's a friendly reminder before you go and plunk down money that you don't need to on things your lover prolly doesn't want:


(you can download this and other flirty tags from last year's post here)

Or, more specifically, to get WITH you.

This is the one time of the year that you can go out of your comfort zone and get naughty with your hubby even if that isn't your usual style.

Correction: ESPECIALLY if it isn't your usual style.

There is nothing more sexy to your man than his lovely wife being the aggressor.
I dare you to find a boy that disagrees.

{awesome card via GeorgiePearlDesigns on etsy}


For those of you who are too shy (or maybe just beginning a relationship?), you can keep it sweet and simple with these little bags found in the Michaels dollar bins in pack of two. Fill up with candy and call it done. You can go the extra mile and add a "BEE Mine" tag. 
I'd call these conservative enough for friends and teachers too, no?


Those DIY pillow boxes are the perfect size for a Valentine's Day surprise.
Sure, they could hold candy or a gift card, but they're *really* exciting {literally} for him to open when they're holding something else.

(This Diet Pepsi box had an NFL logo on it and I couldn't resist. Football and lace = two of my hubby's favorite things to see live and close-up...if you know what I mean.)

If you're thinking "Why would my husband want to open sexy panties?", you have obviously never given him the chance. I swear to you he will not be disappointed.


Feeling especially bold?

 Put together a "Choose Your Own Adventure Kit" which is also a fun for a Bridal Shower, Bachorlette party, or to give to your sister at Christmas to open in front of the whole family.

 Taking it old school with the plastic wrap (a la Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes), but with a tagline of "Clings Tight Without A Fight", it definitely had to be included.
The best part about this is you don't need instructions: it's all about creativity.  
Okay, maybe one suggestion wouldn't hurt...


  1. Man you crack me up! If I can muster the energy Hubby will be getting something along the spicy lines.

    Thanks for the laugh... 20 minutes ago I was up to my elbows is a poo explosion!

    1. You have my deepest respect, my dear. I remember how hard it is to feel sexy with poop under your fingernails! (don't ask)

    2. I just panicked and checked my fingernails! (all clear)

  2. My hubby is out of town for Valentines Day and his birthday, which is the next day AND our 26th anniversary on the 20th. :^( It usually happens this way, but heck we can celebrate another day! I love your creativity and I am sharing this post with all my facebook friends! Thanks!

    1. With that many occasions to celebrate at once, you're going to be exhausted ;)

  3. Is there a link for the bicycle card? Or did you make that yourself? That is genius!

    1. If only I could find things like this when I need them! :) I made it, and am happy to send you the jpeg - what's your email?

    2. I tried making one of my own and it's not nearly as cute as yours. My email is graciezgrotto@gmail.com! Thanks so much!! (I just wish I would have checked back before Valentine's Day, now he will get a very special present on a "nothing" day!!

    3. Better late than never. Men don't have expiration dates on seduction anyway...

  4. Replies
    1. My friend Elizabeth taught me everything I know.

    2. Haha, you kill me. I wish we lived near each other. Imagine the trouble we could get into!

  5. Replies
    1. I am printing out this comment to frame on the wall and hang on his side of the bed. Right above the pile of my dirty clothes that I forgot to pick up. Again.

  6. These are such cute ideas!! You are right...men are easy...and cheap!!! I am going to hit up the dollar section at Michaels today!!! :D

  7. I too so want that bicycle card. I've never done anything like that for Valentines Day
    I think this is the year to shock the ole hubby. My email is natmax68@gmail.com. Thanks in advance. I started following you on Bloglovin tonight too.

    1. Squeal!! I'm so excited for you. And HIM. Check your email - it should be in there. Lock the door and enjoy the holiday!! ;)

  8. Clever! Especially love the bike!

    Happy Valentines Day!


  9. Not sure if your still here, and if it's still available, but I'd love the bicycle card, too! Love your post, ideas, and sense of humor! You sound like someone I'd totally hang out with! Hahaa!! Anyway, my email is misskitty1222@gmail.com I found this post on Tumblr, and had to come see it in its entirety, and glad I did.. Next is the "Home" button, I'm a lil afraid I'll find no new posts & be so disappointed! So many good blogs, are no more! I'll def be checking out other posts tho! Thanks!

    1. Then you must be awesome and have fabulous taste in friends. HAHA! Still here every so often, but that doesn't mean you won't be disappointed anyway ;) Check your email - I just send it off.


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