Sunday, February 16, 2014

Singing Time Olympics

{not because I'm going to start drowning this blog space in Primary ideas, 
but because I couldn't find jack diddly on the www that wasn't summer sports, 
and just maybe someone needs inspiration for this coming Sunday?}

A great Singing Time is composed of 3 Ingredients:

1. FUN

2. not too complicated

3. cheesy

That last one goes without saying, I suppose...

You can certainly take this idea as far as your heart desires, making torches, hold Opening Ceremonies, etc etc etc, OR keep it bare bones and the kids will love it just the same.

 Choose two children: one to sit in a chair in front and be the judge, and one to choose a sport. 

Each sport has a song written on back, and after the kids sing the song, the judge gives their performance a score from 1-10.

(you can keep track of points, but I'm more of a Whose Line Is It Anyway mindset: "Everything is made up and the points don't matter.")

The judge then gets to pick the next judge and someone to pick the next sport (song).

Of course, you could review any songs you like, but because I wanted this to be awesome, we added in a few...variations...of the traditional lyrics.

 Figure Skating = Popcorn Popping
"Spring has brought me such an ICE surprise..."

Skiing = I Love To See The Temple
"I love to SKI the Temple, I'm going there someday..."

Hockey = Choose the Right Way
"There's a right way to live and PLAY HOCKEY..."

Snowboarding = Nephi's Courage
"I will SNOW, I will do, the things the Lord commands..."

Curling = Seek The Lord Early
"I'll seek the Lord CURLING while in my youth..."

  Keep in mind that the scoring reflects not only how well they sang the song,
but how many remembered the word changes.
As if THAT'S a problem...they may never sing the songs "right" again...

At the end, you could hand out handmade medals on ribbons that you spent hours making, 
or just pass out Go For The Gold rolos dumped into an old peanut butter container.

(All the symbols were printed out from a Google image search.
The Singing Time Olympics sign pdf can be downloaded here.)


  1. You are just too creative!!! Very cool.

    1. I have to compensate for my terribly average singing voice somehow... :)

  2. The rolo's are a really nice touch!!

    1. It would seem that children are just like adults: they'll do anything for food. Even sing :)

  3. awesome! I love the go for the gold rolos.

  4. That's such a fun game! I need to borrow some kiddos and play! :D

  5. Creative. I like the Go for the Gold Rolo's too


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