Thursday, February 27, 2014

gift wrap ideas for kids

 There are exactly four things more fun than wrapping up a present for a child,
but one isn't legal and the rest are inappropriate to share.

And when I say "child" that includes the teens too. 17 year old zebra lover? Done.

14 year old Big Mac addict and McRib connoisseur? Easy.

With adults it can be a challenge to lock onto an interest to inspire your presentation, but with the younger bunch, it's often on the birthday invitation itself.

Club Penguin hasn't been played for years in this house, but when Hayden came home with a Penguin Party invite, the excitement returned. Especially once we decided that the gift would be a gumball machine.

Instead of trying to fit it into a box, we just worked with what we had: the perfect shape for a little non-flying friend. The whole thing was wrapped in paper, crumpling the excess to the back and hot gluing so it stayed put, and then two "wings" were created with some sandwiched wire taped between two pieces of glued together wrapping paper.

Freehanded belly, eyes, and beak. Perfection certainly isn't the goal here, especially when you're knocking it out 20 minutes before the party starts.
Who even cares how the back looks when you've got a face like this?
Some googly eyes hot glued onto a rainbow pom create an instant Puffle sidekick because why not.

Princess parties are the perfect opportunity to use up that leftover Dollar Store "Christmas" paper and "Holiday" ribbon. Cut out a tag from the scraps of that bottom paper, hot glue on top, and you're the Belle of the Birthday Ball.

When brainstorming for a Phineas and Ferb shindig, I stumbled across this tutorial for a Perry the Platypus treasure box. Not exactly what we wanted, but only a fool would turn down a free template.

The peacocky wrapping paper is close enough for our purposes, and the other body parts (eeewwww) are scraps of cardstock.With bonus mostly straight marker-ed on texture.

Fun to play with,

and fun to give.

This month people have gotten so creative with making "Valentine Day boxes" for school, which could be translated splendidly into gift wrapping (no cut out holes for love notes required).

Angry Birds from the brilliant Kids & Glitter

Despicable Me minion from Instructables (DUCT TAPE for the win)

Construction paper Ninjago {source unknown...if it's yours let me know}

Or maybe you've got some plain bags laying around that need some fancying up.  Give the kids a sharpie and let them at it. Just keep them away from the couch.

{source also unknown - please claim it}

Got some photos of fun birthday gifts? I'd love to see them.


Today my sweet as sugar/tough as nails Camden turns 12, and the perfect too-cool-for-school (and birthday fuss) gift for him? A bit o' trash wrapping from magazine pages.


  1. I love every wrapping post you've ever done. The penguin is perfect. LOVE!

    1. How can that even be true, Katie? Even I don't love every post ;)

  2. Like I said... you're my idol. Bloody genius! LOVE the penguin :)

    1. I check your blog religiously. So how is it that I missed your post on leaving your job? love all your sweet ideas.

    2. I don't know? Just finished up my first week - the "culture shock" of office life has almost worn off.

  3. So cute!! I love the wrapping you did!

  4. I just adore your gift wrapping ideas. Just too darn cute and creative. My favorite is that last one, it made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  5. I agree with Kristie Maynard. Love them all but the last one I had to pin for future reference.

    1. HAHA! The possibilities are endless with quote bubbles!

  6. I have always been a big fan of wrapping pretty presents. I'm known for it among my friends and family. When I met my husband they would just hand each other stuff in plastic bags from the store. Anyway I finally broke most of them of that after setting how cute presents can be, but it's a challenge to keep up the creativity all the time. I am so glad I found your blog. I feel inspired to dress up presents all over again.

    1. I'm guilty of the plastic bag thing, and can't rule it out for future presents depends on my mood ;) I'm usually on a non-existent budget when buying gifts, so the wrapping acts as my compensation for what's inside. Or NOT inside, as the case may be. Thanks for visiting!!

  7. I am impressed. I buy a gift bag. For me, wrapping becomes wrapping and cursing.


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