Saturday, December 7, 2013

printable gift tags = easy christmas wrapping

We're all "iced in" here in Texas, and I've gotta say: it's perfect timing. 
There are presents to wrap, soup to eat, a DVR to catch up on,
and showers not to be taken. 

For those of us who need a FOOLPROOF way to snazz up those sacks (gross), 
now is the time to take advantage of all the adorable, ready-to-print tags out there thanks to super amazing designers that are oh so generous to share their talents with the world.

Paired with classic brown paper, or thrown on top of some fun patterns, 
here are a few tags that are seducing my jingle bells this year:

Illustrated tags from

They have a spot to punch a hole on top, but I just left them as is.
They can also be trash-ified with a sharpie word bubble and a strip of fabric snipped from an old jersey turtleneck. It would be adorable with a black construction paper hat, but
my boys would rather fight over xbox controllers than cut out snowman accessories.
It's alright...nephews don't judge.

Scrumptious animal tags from Helen Dardik at Orange You Lucky

A goose with a santa hat? I can't even handle it.

There are a bunch more to choose from, and I need more gifts so I can use them all. 
This guy was the perfect size to slap on a box and for about 30 seconds of effort (hot gluing on an itty bitty piece of pom pom yarn), it looks like it was all planned out.
You know better than to assume that.

Foxy lady tag from here.

I've preached it one trillion times before, but here is this year's reminder:

there is no rule that says your wrapping paper has to be "Christmas" paper.

 These little V-Day hearts mingle quite nicely with a pine cone ornament and non-holiday(!) striped walmart ribbon from 2005.

And then there is this lady.

A vintage deer illustration pinned here, (which had a dead end link, and came up as unknown on google image search). It looks like maybe it was originally painted on wood (?). Anyhow, cropped and printed out wallet size it makes a non-Christmas yet kinda holiday-ish package that will make a little girl very happy and validates my compulsion to hoard garden twine.

More wrapping coming up next week...when I don't have to take pictures standing on ice...

Are you done shopping yet?


I've used this shut-in time and actually gotten something done.
Not cleaning the house or folding laundry, BUT YES to compiling a bunch of photos of the gift wrapping we've talked about here. All in one place. 
Over 100 photos of crap all wrapped up without having to scroll or skim over my blabbering.

It's over there on the sidebar where is says GIFT WRAP GALLERY ------------>

or you can click here.


  1. Gosh I love your wrapping. It makes me happy. As for being iced in, I can't even imagine. It's summer here and we had bush fires in October... not looking forward to February!

    1. Oh yuck! I'll take ice any day. Summer is my least favorite season.

  2. I thought of you last Saturday when we had our Christmas Crop at My Happy Place Scrapbooking and Crafting. I had to wrap an odd shaped gift, so I took a big brown grocery bag, covered it with Christmas paper, folded the paper in at the top and stapled it closed. I found one of the little stockings that I got for next to nothing after Christmas last year and added that to the bag. I made a tag to go inside the stocking and I was ready to go.
    Then when we were at the crop, my friend finished making a gift and showed it to me, she had kept the decoration from the gift I gave her last year. That wrapping was inspired by you too. She had used that decoration as part of a beautiful decorative plate with a scripture on it. How cool is that??
    These tags and gifts are wonderful! Thanks for putting together all the pics in one place also. genius!

    1. That's awesome! Recycling stuff gets recycled again!! Love the big brown paper bag idea - sweet and simple.

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