Saturday, December 14, 2013

Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas {5 easy tips}

First, a disclaimer.

I am not a professional gift wrapper. 
My paper isn't cut perfectly straight, I don't blink an eye at a crooked stripe or bulge here and there, and if a bow isn't perfectly poofed? Life goes on.

Wrapping paper that's been used in a light saber battle will show it...and go under the tree just the same.

I don't have a compulsion for all my Christmas gifts to match. Every box doesn't have to coordinate, use the same tags, be in the same color scheme, blah blah blah.
but I'm a loose woman (!) and think that gift presentation is all about celebrating,
having fun, and matching the recipients personality.
A present is supposed to make people happy, right? So relax already. 

5 Easy Ways to Get Creative With Your Christmas Gift Wrapping

1. Feed their fetish 

We've all got something. Your child, friend, coworker...what's that thing they're obsessed with? That movie they're always quoting? Use it.

picture from an image search, and name added in Picasa using the "add text" edit option

Superman paper found at Dollar Tree in with the Christmas stuff. Since there are no snowflakes or holly or random elves, I say the classic vintage look works all year long.

2. Go green

 Most of my gift boxes aren't actually gift boxes. There's a time and place to go out and buy brand new white boxes from the store (formal events, or people you don't really know who could be super lame and not appreciate your earth friendliness), but for most presents, most of the time, my loot goes in something like this.

We've talked about using soda and cereal boxes as toppers, junk mail as embellishments, and making your own pillow boxes, and now is the perfect time to experiment and knock out the holiday wrapping at the same time. Those pillow boxes are the perfect size for gift cards and a few pieces of "fun size" candy.

Prepping soda can flowers from my etsy shop for shipping. They come all ready to gift because it's easier for you, and more fun for me.

Magazine pages are great for itty bitty gifts, or use some clear packing tape (on the back)(or front, if you're going for the Classy Trashy look, which I also enjoy) to stick pages together for a bigger "piece" to wrap with.

This spread from the Land of Nod catalog was perfect because it flowed across two pages. Taped together, you can sorta almost barely see the seam.

see it there on the back? All the way on the left?

This page got ripped out of a gamestop magazine before it was tossed in the recycle bin.

Now Jordan is asking why "Camden's present is awesome and mine looks...stale..." I guess magazines are cooler than Santa tags, irregardless of puffy hats.

3. Paper weaving

I stumbled across this over a year ago, and got all giddy. It's taken me this long to get around to trying it out.

The awesome tutorial is here, but here's the thing: my kids would have no idea what Space Invaders are.

You know who they do know? Creepers.

(from Minecraft, for those of you without gamers under your roof).

Luckily the shape and coloring is PERFECT for this technique, and simple enough that even I could figure it out.

I learned the hard way that if you want a perfectly finished backside (who doesn't!), make sure your paper strips fit all the way around. Mine didn't.

4. It's fun to play with boys.

Who says men don't enjoy a little sparkle ribbon and ric rac? They need our love, ladies.

You can streamline the look, if you have a more sophisticated fellow or a mailing box with no extra space for bulky embellishments. In this case I compensated for the lack of balls with some extra heart stickers. You're welcome, Bob.

5. Remember these random bits of packaging wisdom

* quote bubbles and duct tape make everybody smile.

 {Is that Phil Dunphy?}

* If your boss has a dog named Feather, you should prolly photoshop a celebrity version and use it as a tag for her Secret Santa gift.

* In a pinch, some spray paint, a white paint marker, and electrical tape can make for some mighty fancy gift wrapping. Ho ho ho.


  1. I've done both, the coordinated gift wrapping, and 'other'. People have liked both, so I continue to do both, depending.

    I think I'm quite a bit older than you, but my husbands family has never given or received a gift (or rarely) in a box that actually gave a hint as to what that gift might actually be. That 'tradition', for lack of a better word, goes way back. It's kind of amusing (and a running joke) to unwrap, find an interesting box, and wonder. You don't know until you get all the way inside whatever box.

    1. I love it! Tell your husband he has a long lost sister in Texas!!

  2. Fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing (yet again!)

    1. Thanks for the love. Taking photos of presents feel like the second lamest thing in the world to do. The first being posting those said photos on the internet.

  3. Great ideas! I really wish I'd bought tartan wrapping paper now! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

    1. I've got plenty of crinkly, wrinkly plaid left for you :)

  4. OMG, Christmas presents are going to be sooooooo much fun this year! I generally go for the prim, proper and pretty but this year I think I'll have to sneak in a bit of Hunky Man, Bieber and Barbie. I'm totally stealing your ideas and it's going to be so much danged fun!

    P.S. When oh when oh when are we going to see what decorating shenanigans you've done at the restaurant?????

    1. You are going to be *SO* disappointed, Miss Susan. This year I didn't decorate one.single.thing at work. I know. Hate me.

    2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... say it isn't so! I might just have to unfollow you. Well not really, but only because I need a few good laughs along the way. And since it IS the holiday season and we're supposed to be full of good cheer and kind thoughts, I'll only hate on you a little bit. And for only a little while. Darned good thing you brought us Hunky Man and The Biebs!


  5. I seriously can't get enough of your crap-wrapping abilities. There is simply no limit to your skillz. I am SO wishing I wrapped my hubby's kerig in Disney princesses. Ugh. I've been searching for Taylor Swift paper to wrap my son's new crystal brandy decanter (yes, I did), but have had no luck. I may be forced to buy a mag with her pic to cut out and adhere. Suggestions?

    PS. You are awesome. Your kids are lucky-ducks.

    1. Of COURSE I have suggestions. Check your FB message inbox :)

  6. All of these gift wrapping ideas are amazing. Can't wait to try these out with some of the boxes I already have.

    American Retail Supply

  7. Love these ideas. This year when I wrapped all my Mom's gifts for her, I took a roll of paper and just wrapped everything in it until it was gone and then grabbed another. I used the same technique for the gifts from us. I know, not much imagination at all, but it got the job done. As for the immediate family, we are totally lazy with them. We have collected quite a few of those very sturdy boxes, some even have metal corners and handles on them. We 'wrap' whatever we can in them and then just put them away for next year again, with the tissue right in them. I know we are totally lame, but after a few, well several years of very long wrapping sessions, we came up with this and it works for us.

  8. Esto es incre√≠blemente impresionante! ¿De d√≥nde vienes con todas las ideas?

  9. Awesome idea! Someone needs to collect great ideas like this and give for baby shower gifts, before it's too late!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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