Thursday, October 24, 2013

Office holiday decorating. Because it's been awhile.

March, if I remember correctly. Man am I behind.

Although I guard my printer ink something fierce, that month we lived large in the lap of luxury with COLOR faces, leaving black and white printable bodies that could be colored in.

Set on construction paper grass, it was our own Potbelly leprechaun village.

April was the first month doing a wall without our beloved Carlos. Sniff. 
Our new manager got cast as a rabbit farmer,

and then everyone came up with their own peter cottontail creation.

Or kitty bunny, as the case may be. We don't discriminate.

And then comes the part where I lose my mojo. Is that horrible to say? Tis true. 
 Spring comes and goes...summer begins...customers ask when "the next thing" is going up...
I say "never". Because I am a freaking ray of sunshine. 

After months of looking at that bare wall, my girl Allison took it upon herself to pick up the slack by HAND DRAWING our own personalized Adventure Time characters. Which is a foolish, time consuming, utterly awesome idea. You know what I look like in cartoon form?

{Recycled Target bag skirt, ruler boots, striped socks (naturally), scissor clip, and trusty sidekicks brush and crayon. Nailed it.}

We've got other artistically inclined members on the staff, so naturally who got to do fall was a big deal. The only thing I cared about was making sure it wasn't going to be me. Another girl stepped up, and busted out some sweet personalized My Little Pony character sketches.

{when I was coloring mine, it seemed wrong to me that mine should be "naked", so I drew on some clothes. No rules, baby. NO rules. Almost seems to be channeling her inner Pat Benatar, no?}

Ramen noodle eating, hipster, gangsta, pretty little ponies. And some random bats.

{yep - that's Stefon peeking out there on the left}

We couldn't resist pulling out this disturbing 'Will Pony with Parasol' from last April. 
Updated with a beard. Spoooooky.

Maybe by December my inspiration will return? It's not looking good, folks.

So tell me:

Do you decorate for the seasons?


  1. Some years. Not so much this year. I painted some pumpkins and that's the extent of my Halloween decorating; I didn't even hang up a wreath. I want to go big for Christmas decor, but that's going to involve a lot of DIY, so we'll see.

    1. Going big for Christmas here would consist of actually putting up a tree - ha! I've become such a slacker. From bins and bins of stuff to the bare minimum...what's my problem? Good for you!

  2. I'm sorry your decorating mojo wandered off. Maybe you can sacrifice an empty (or full depending on your desperation) printer ink cartridge to get it back.

    I go all out and decorate for Halloween, which morphs into Thanksgiving simply by removing a few pieces. The rest of the year, not so much.

    1. The word "sacrifice" made me picture an alter with a bunch of empty cartridges, burning on a hill somewhere, surrounded by shadowy dancing just *may* work.

  3. So much awesomeness - from the folks you work with to the creative spirit you all seem to have. I was blown away by the Santa Village wall last Christmas... expectations are high for 2013 so sure hope you get your mojo or printer cartridges filled by then!

    1. Now I'm feeling nervous. How can I possibly top a whole elf village?

  4. I love the *idea* of decorating for the seasons... but as yet xmas is the only thing that gets decorated. Perhaps when I'm in a nicer/bigger place with more surfaces to put crap on...? I am however right in the middle of making one of those wooden advent calendar thingys... stay tuned!
    Don't worry about your mojo, it'll turn up, possibly somewhere weird!

  5. So creative! I decorate for all the seasons/holidays at my work, but I just buy the decor! I love that you guys create all this yourself.

    1. It's what happens when you have a perfect storm of no budget and ridiculous ideas.

  6. So you're not the only one that likes to decorate? Very cute and creative. As for me, I decorate for Christmas and not any other holidays. Did a little bit when the kids were little, but mostly it went for Christmas and birthday parties and of course all the fun stuff at their school.

  7. I used to, especially tablescapes but my "debbydowner" of a husband discourages it all, so I've lost my mojo. I still do Halloween and Christmas outside though. I miss your decorations and I'm sure your customers must as well.


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