Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

October is one of the most popular birthday months, and my sister just added to that statistic. 
Say hello to Hudson and his slightly pixelated, blurry self.

Oh that face! I'm convinced that fifth babies come out extra adorable as some kind of evolutionary survival tactic. Because this little man is soooo far away in California, while his favorite aunt is in here Texas, he's getting his 'welcome to the family' hug and smooch via the USPS. While it's fun to wrap poofy baby shower presents, for this job we need gifts that can be shoved into a box and shipped without getting all jacked up which means they need to be relatively flat. 
Like his mother's chest in high school.

{you know I couldn't resist, Liz. Anyone who saw you today would never believe it anyway...}

Since Hudson's got four older siblings, it's only fair that the gifts be broken up into four boxes.
Each kid gets to open a present, and mama get's about 47 seconds of peace and quiet. 
All the packaging could perfectly coordinate with the same colors and theme, but seriously? Yawn.

It does not get any simpler than this:

* a scrap of ribbon

* stamped words

*an old metal ornament that came from Oriental Trading Company 10 years ago and got left out last Christmas and shoved into the desk drawer instead of put in the attic with all the other holiday stuff

(TIP: if you don't have access to my desk drawer, look in the 'miniature tree aisle' of your craft store. Lots of small ornaments in multi-packs for cheap.}

Speaking of Christmas, that red ribbon with green stitching totally is holiday leftovers.  Sshhh.
An image search found the vintage sun that got snipped into a circle and glued into a 
frozen juice can lid because I love them and cannot (will not) throw them away.

This vintage giraffe rummy card was printed here from The Graphics Fairy and taped onto a box. Tie with polka dot ribbon, because it can do no wrong ever, and that's it. That faux wood paper was picked up last year from the Target Dollar Spot, but plain old brown craft paper would look just as cute.

Another image search {google 'silhouettes' and you'll find anything you can imagine plus many you cannot} printed on white cardstock. Actually, I printed it in gray and filled it in with sharpie because I hate to buy printer ink. Close enough, right? 
It's certainly no secret that silhouettes are my favorite.
Black and white does all the work with it's high contrast, giving you style without effort.

 It will not, however, give you a full night's sleep. 

If only I could send that in a box, dearest sister...


  1. Congrats to the whole family! Babies are so wonderful.
    As always you have done a spectacular job with the wrapping. Great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing the good news as well as you lovely wrapping ideas with us.

  2. i'm coming to you for gift wrapping ideas....and if you ever wanted to 'gift' me an empty box...i'd be ok with that too!!! hahahaha

  3. What a cutie-patootie!! Congratulations Aunt Rebecca ;-)

  4. Congrats on your new nephew! He's adorable.
    I love picking up the brown craft paper at the dollar store. It's so easy to dress up for any occasion. Love the idea of adding cards from The Graphics Fairy!

  5. Such a darling baby and darling packaging! I have a packaging fetish and will definitely add this to my idea collection :) (BTW, can you direct me to that cute sun graphic? I have been scouting around with no success) Thanks much.

    1. I've had that graphic saved in my pictures album forever. I did a google search with no results...just a few dead-end pins on pinterest. I'm happy to send you the jpeg I've got if you send me your email :)

    2. Hi, Rebecca:

      Would it be possible to get a copy of your jpeg for the sun graphic? I know the post is close to a year old, but I just discovered it (and your blog! yay!) this week. My gmail is


  6. I luv your gift wrapping ideas for baby shower,these all 4 ideas are so unique,and meaningful.

  7. SOOO precious! Love that name too, we almost used Hudson as a middle name.

  8. Such lovely wrapping for some cute presents! I have looked at just about all of your blogposts (not that I am stalking you or anything, lol) and I love all of your wrapping ideas! I have just started some Christmas decorating in my house and now I NEED to find myself some nice wrapping paper to go and decorate some empty boxes for under the tree. Thanks For all the inspiration! Hugs, Hanneke

  9. I cherish these ideas.The uplifting news is,my shower is this weekend and I have around 4 other pregnant friends :).I might want to include few tips which may be helpful.If you need to wrap a babysitting coupon or a gift card for baby,etc.,simply place it in a baby bottle or a plastic drinking cup.Verify the bottle/ cup is sufficiently wide to get the coupon or gift card out without needing to break the bottle.Either wrap the bottle with gift wrap or simply utilize a ribbon and bow to pleasantly enliven.
    ~Linda Smith.

    1. What a fantastic idea! Congratulations on your impending arrival - I hope everything goes quick and painless. We can dream, right? :)

  10. These are just perfect. Thank you for helping me, no creative section in my brain! I am looking for some creative baby shower gift wrap for a spectacular gift and eye catcher at baby shower party!


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