Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Pom" Trees {a free centerpiece idea}

I blame Jill.

Her delightfully charming pom flowers made my heart flutter the instant I saw them. As did her chalk "placemats", but that's another story.

There are so many bomb dot com ideas packed into this shindig, I can barely pick a favorite.

So when we needed a centerpiece for one of our soirees, I shamelessly borrowed her idea, but because the concept had marinated in my brain files long enough, it evolved and metamorphosed into what could be considered a second cousin (weird uncle?) of the original.

Behold, the pom tree.

Those fuzzy, happy blobs of yarn have pimped out presents and been strung onto garlands, but this time they're adorning sticks set in plaster of paris. Remember the valentine tree?

It was stripped naked and left hanging out in the garage since February. Which meant half the work was done already. If you've got that part ready to go, the rest is easy:

step 1: plop on a movie and make a bunch of poms (my fave technique is here).

step 2: tie those bad boys on

step 3 (optional): slip the whole thing into a bigger bucket.

step 4: cover up the "base" somehow. The original red paper shred got replaced with scrunched up brown lunch bags because they're clearly fancier. A pom tree should always ooze sophistication.

Aaaaaand BAM. Free centerpiece.

It looks super organic outside, because it's 100% natural and stuff. It blends seamlessly into other trees, random vines, and various dead weeds.

It also looks pretty sweet on your kitchen table if you unload it there and it just stays.

Although this guy is a rainbow of colors, the options are infinite: just white, pink or blue for a baby shower, black and orange for Halloween. Perhaps you could hit the branches with a little metallic spray paint? Oh the possibilities...


  1. I love this! That tree is such an eye-catcher! I may have to borrow for baby girl's first birthday party in October. I can see it outside on the porch with punches of purples, oranges and browns.
    Amy @

    1. That would be awesome! If I put mine on the porch, my boys would have a pom fight in the front yard. Ask me how I know... :)

  2. How bright and cheerful! Cute, cute, cute!
    I've just caught up on your most recent posts. I've been so far behind on all my blogs. My Mom fell and broke her hip on June 2nd and it's been wild since then. She is 88 and was still living in her own home, where she has lived for 72 yrs. She had a rod put into her femur and then went on to a rehab facility. She is now living in an adult care home which is basically an assisted living center and is doing unbelievably well. The doctors didn't think she'd be able to walk again and here she is up and about with a walker and living pretty independently with only a bit of help now and then.
    So glad I'm finally getting back to somewhat of a "normal" life.

  3. I have been looking for a cute centerpiece for my porch. I am so glad I read this post!

  4. I love the pom tree. I bought one of those pom pom makers you highlighted earlier and me and my girls have made lots of pom poms. Now I have a new use for the pom poms. Thanks for sharing your neat ideas.

    1. They are SO addicting! And you're right - they're easy enough that kids can make them. But you already knew that ;) Crafty family time makes me all kinds of happy!

  5. I love these. They are so bright and whimsical. Bravo!

  6. That is a really fun and cute idea!


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