Tuesday, July 23, 2013

creating an art space in a bedroom {a mid-summer makeover}

We interrupt this summer induced hiatus with breaking news.

A whole entire project has been finished. Like ALL THE WAY finished.

Never mind that this old wood was picked up on the side of the road approximately 56 weeks ago, according to instagram.

And never mind that this drop leaf desk thing found in the alley has served as a makeshift junk holder in the (super clean) garage for possibly longer than that.

I'm just here to put down in writing (to remind my procrastinating self) that some projects that have been consistently put off "until later" can be finished in an hour.
60 MINUTES, people.

{I don't know if that's cause for celebration OR a reason to be ashamed, but let's celebrate}

A few weeks back, as Sierra was packing to go spend the summer in Fresno with all my family, she made mention of how we never got around to doing her art corner. You know the one: that magical space that was going to get her and her paints, collaging, and other artistic explorations off of the floor (hello, stained carpet) and organized.
Yeah, that one...we'd been talking about it forever. 
If you've been around long enough, you know how she hates - ABHORS - me making any changes to her personal space when she's gone, so I had to hustle.

Good thing quickies are my specialty.

That drop leaf table had one side broken off, so it got unscrewed, along with the back "leg" that held it up.

After two coats of spray paint left over from el lampo {Rustoleum "Night Tide"}, it got pushed against the wall. We were going to put a brace on the wall behind it so it could still fold down without falling over, but is it ever really going to be cleared off?
Not likely.

Two pieces of that scrap wood stash got put to work holding supplies.
"L brackets" hold up one piece to use as a narrow shelf, and the second gets a few cup hooks twisted into it, then screwed directly to the wall.
Empty soup cans are free (!) and perfect for corralling watercolor pencils and paintbrushes.

The lamp is originally from IKEA, and used to hang in the craft room before the hutch arrived. For the past year it's been chillin' in the closet, just waiting for another place to call home.

Sure, that armoire would look awesome with some delicious walnut stain and some purty hardware, but one thing at a time, folks.

Total cost for the whole thing: about $2 for the cup hooks.
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  1. Awesome! It looks great and for only $2... amazing!! Congratulations on checking this off your "to do" list!

  2. You missed your calling - you should be an interior designer.

  3. I know she loves it! How fun!! (I've missed your posts:)

  4. seriously awesome...
    i tried to get hubs to turn around in the feeder the other day of the tollway...i saw a chair in the field that LOOKED perfect...i mean nothing a coat of paint couldn't have fixed. i could have jumped out in 4 secs and had that bad boy loaded in the trunk before someone hit us! (at least i think i could have)

    u rock

  5. What a wonderful make over! We have redone some things around here and I wish I could get my hubby to let me do some projects like this, but right now I don't have the time to put into them.
    :^( Maybe someday I'll get to a few projects and actually get them done. Beautiful job, I bet she loves it!

  6. "Hello, stained carpet." I know a guy that can fix that.

  7. It looks fantastic! And you can't beat the price.

  8. This will inspire all of us to get one of our projects done. Your daughter is quite an artist. Good job!

  9. I promised my daughter an art corner when we moved in here three years ago. Sigh. This does give me inspiration to work on it, I swear! Once again you've done an amazing job!!

  10. This is perfect! I've been following your blog for a while and am glad you're back! I've been away from my blog for far too long myself! Oh and I LIVE in Fresno...we must be sort of neighbors!

  11. You are a good mom. Even though you're good at quickies.

  12. I absolutely love this! Now... where can this fit in my house?!

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