Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Okay, so hers look all sophisticated and elegant,
whereas mine gets paired with Target Dollar Spot paper and some yarn, but WHO CARES? Everything else is just the Jan Brady to that tag anyhow.


My daughter insisted I read this book one Saturday afternoon, and by bedtime it was finished.
After that I paced myself and took my time, rationing out to the second book over two days, but
Oh Mylanta.
It's even better than the first one.

Palace scandals, treason, magic, and young love? Sign me up.
If this is not made into a movie then I know nothing about nothing.
If you have an ongoing library hold list (and who doesn't) this needs to be on it.

{on a sidenote, I'm now experiencing reading withdrawals until the third book comes out in August...any suggestions for a can't-put-down-even-to-make-dinner story?}


I've been dealing with a wee bit of anxiety lately, and what better way to self medicate than with some embroidery thread and a needle? But how to pick a favorite?? It can't be done.

from aliciawatkins

from bananya stand




from Lick the Bowl Good

Ritz crackers (grains) + Rolos (dairy) = healthy snacking.

The kids will be "testing" out this recipe on me this weekend, because something as important as nutrition should be a family affair.

Speaking of this weekend...


which means it's card time.

" don't suck as much as I thought you did." (from sweetperversion)

from duvdesigns

from witandwhistle

My hubby already got me flowers and called it a day. And when I say got I mean that I ordered it off of etsy while he was at work. And when I say flowers, I mean the vintage oil kind that never die. Which are the best.

They're currently leaning against the mirror in the bedroom until they get a permanent spot,
but they make me smile and distract from the fact that this room is simultaneously on the "need to finish" and "need to start" list. It's been over 4 reason to rush things.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Oh I needed the laugh.. thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you too... I don't know this series - which now I must check out, so I hesitate to recommend my faves which are all in the high fantasy area... you know, Game of Thrones kind of universe... but if you want a historical, full of drama, passion and all sorts of high jinks, there is a series by C.C. Humphries called Jack Absolute. A bit of a mix between the Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo and a modern spy thriller. Going to Goodreads to see what is new and exciting, I could use some good books this weekend. And funny enough, I got a painting too:-)

  2. The uterus one. yep.

    (and the rolos on ritz)

  3. OMG! I love all the cross stitch patterns! My fav is the "Ovaries before Brovaries"!! Need that one!


  4. Game of Thrones will keep you entranced. The books are really long. However...once you get to the last one, look out. It's not the end of the series and the author is S-L-O-W. No one knows when the next book is coming out.
    Even more fun are the Hood novels by Stephen Lawhead. Cool take on the Robin Hood legend.

  5. Great post! Crafting, reading, humor, Mother's day?!?!?! What better things to be obsessed about? You always make me smile.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I did. My kids were great to me and I bought myself a new office chair. Got a great deal with coupons and rebate checks, so what could be better, eh?

  6. Oh dear Rebecca! How I love your humor. My favorite was the card about the lady parts. Crying laughing!
    I have been on a YA trilogy kick even though I keep trying to get off of it. Maybe I am a teenager at heart. I loved girl of fire and thorns too. Try the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, Graceling series, Divergent series, Delirium series, Unearthly series, Matched series. I loved all of these! And my favorite YA book (not a series or sic-fi or dystopian, no monsters, princesses etc) is The Fault in Our Stars. I know we are already friends on Goodreads but there is my 2 cents. :)

  7. mothers day is in may, right? it's july. but i am back-reading for fun on friday night. and i wish i was your mom. or that you were my mom. either way. i love that we don't have to say outloud that i'm your favorite.


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