Sunday, April 7, 2013

on blogging

{a few weeks back was my 5 year blog anniversary and this, dear friends, is my 500th post.}
{there should prolly be balloons and a giveaway and such, but instead you get me and my introspective self, sprinkled with random photos}

November 2007

October 2012

My sister Liz had been hounding me for months to start a blog. We had moved so far from our native California and "everyone wants to see what's going on", she argued. In true Rebecca fashion I resisted, knowing that it would just be something that I couldn't keep up. And then our computer crashed and ALL my photos were lost and oh was there crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth. There was no way to get those memories off our hard drive and I felt like a part of my life had been ripped away.

"You know, if you woulda put that stuff on a blog, they'd still be there" was the {not so sympathetic} consolation I got on the phone.

So I did.

Jordan, Camden, Sierra, and a chubby wubby Brendan, 2008

Jordan and Sierra with me right before our church...performance, Jan 2013 {as seen here}

At first it was just a few photos. Snippets. Telling stories so my mom could see the grandkids. It never occurred to me that anyone else could - or WOULD - read it. Ever. I was just a stay at home mama with four kids in school, only one baby left at home, living in a new place without any real friends to help pass the time, and putting stuff out into the world wide web made everyone I had left behind seem so much closer. Within a few months, little projects started to tiptoe in as I was typing. I was getting more comfortable sharing my life, and making stuff -whether a DIY for the house or just something crafty- is part of who I am. It was inevitable.

Photos up our stairway, 2008. They haven't been changed out since.

And then it happened. I discovered that there were blogs DEVOTED to stuff like that. Painting things. Moving furniture around. Hacking knock offs of stuff seen in catalogs. Things I understood. These were my people.

Nesting Place was my first and I was so inspired by her hanging mirror idea, that I tried my own version. I had no idea that she'd feature my sad attempt at using what I had and that people I didn't even know in real life would link over and leave comments. It was weird. Kinda awesome, but definitely weird. That was 2008.

Oh my sweet Mesa. Your nose prints are still smudged on that windowsill.

Because we had just moved into this house, there was plenty of "makeovers" to share. Nothing fancy, as I had no money to fund my dream renos, but when I started getting emails from people who had stumbled across my foolishness and it inspired them to work with what they had, my soul sang. It helped me to feel a little less silly, adding my voice to the hundreds that were already out there. If I look back at things I've posted and ask, "Is that worth talking about?" 99% of the time, my answer would be no. Fifty years from now will any of this matter? Unlikely.

Haydo helping with this Craigslist makeover, 2009
Hayden, who will do anything to get OUT of helping, 2012

When I started blogging I had infinitely more time to devote and still be able to keep up with everything. Within the last year, I've realized how quickly time is flying. These babies aren't babies, and as such, won't be here forever. I've been making it a priority to be "present" after I get off of work and they come home from school. I have enough distractions with just the essentials (attempting to make dinner, running errands, church responsibilities) that keep me occupied, I don't like to add to that list.

I'm sure that my posting reflects that. For that I make no apologies.

I'm not someone that likes to do something half-assed (exception: cleaning)(and cooking), but when it comes to taking time to blog, it's either that or not at all. If I was convinced that I could stop cold turkey, I probably would. But, for now, I don't think I can.

To any of you who have stuck around for awhile, to those who have sent me your inspiring words, or for all my real life friends who give me crap when they come over with the "why haven't you posted about this yet?"...thank you. Fifty years from now, I will remember that.


  1. Um hey. My daughter is on your sidebar. In an ad. Weird. Her senior pictures were obviously sold to Pear Tree, and now I jump every ding dang time I open a blog and see her looking at me all cute and on-the-brink-of-18 (and now has that cutey-patootey baby).

    So. Blogging. I'm feeling the same thing. Every 3 seconds I'm like "I'm shutting this puppy down". Then I see other blogs and think "I could so do that (better)." It's redonculous.

    I love when you post. I love when you're taking care of your family's needs and not posting. Same dif.

    Do your thang.

  2. Loved reading this. I'll read whenever you do get around to posting. Real life is more important...but for what it's worth, your craft room inspired me to have FUN in my home and some of the comments you've left on my blog made me grin. THANKS.

  3. don't you go all cold turkey on us, we're good with what lttle time you have, we'll be here when those babies are grown :)

  4. Real life getting in the way of the unreal world of blogging...? I'll take the real world any time, even if that means you don't post regularly, or at all, for months and months. It means you're normal. Like me. I like that. I haven't posted in my own blog for a good couple of months... not ready to deal with a failure, too distracted by pregnancy to remember, doubtful I'm even that interesting. No one notices though, as I don't, as yet, have quite the following you do! I'm so glad I found your blog. You are my kind of people. Happy 500th.

  5. You inspired me to finally pull the trigger and start my blog to capture my family and upcycling memories in one place! Have a great week R.

  6. Has it really been SIX YEARS since you moved? That's CRAZY! I LOVE that you have a blog because I've had the chance to get to know you better, even though you're gone. I totally understand how you feel about time flying by, though! You're a GREAT Mom!

  7. I just have to add that you are talented and so witty. I look forward to your creative posts and seeing how you roll with the punches. I found your blog long ago and now use what I have to wrap my crap and have a giant world map on my wall. Much thanks my friend, much thanks.

  8. I am at the point that this blog is the only way we will meet.... hopefully we will meet.. until then, I love your blog!

  9. AhhhH! Don't quit the blog! I love your creative ideas! You really do inspire me. I love your humor too!

  10. Awesome recap! I love when you share, and you're right, you should make no apologies for when you don't! You totally know what matters most, and these adorable pics prove it.

  11. I've been a lurker for a couple of years now. I can't remember which blog I saw you linked up to, but you were hilarious from the start. I just want you to know that you're inspiring with so much more than DIY stuff. I love how you capture your sense of humor and, without meaning to, you've reminded me many times not to sweat the small stuff (especially with kids). Thank you for being you.

  12. Congratulations on your 500th post and 5 years.
    I don't always comment but I always read.

  13. 5 yrs and 500 posts! Wow, post may be here and there, but that is a lot of posts! I love reading what you have to say, seeing your projects and hearing about your life. Thanks for continuing to share with us. You know I don't even know how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did.

  14. A very well written summary of 5 years! Congratulations and I hope you keep going. It's amazing how fast the kidlets grow up!

  15. Been lurking for years, as a guy I even like your posts, keep it up cuz.

  16. Been lurking for years, as a guy I even like your posts, keep it up cuz.


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