Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Batman Boutonniere {comic book flowers go to prom}

I remember going to prom when I was 16.

And although it was a century ago during covered wagon days,
I still remember how I detested all the fuss. Not the festivities themselves (we all know I make magic on the dance floor), but all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event was just ridiculous.

My mom made the dress so it could be just how I wanted it: plain and simple and devoid of anything horrid (pink!) or foofy. Please no shimmer. For heaven's sake no bows.

The one thing that there was no getting around was that stupid "necessity" of corsages. They seemed so showy and so...elderly, and gosh darn it, when it came to the boutonniere,
I couldn't even get the blasted thing to stay on.

Fast forward twenty years, and MY 16 year old is going to prom. Also in black. And pearls. 
And Mary Janes. I don't know if it's nature or nuture, but boy howdy is it strong.

Her date got her flowers, but we asked him beforehand if he was game for something a little less traditional for his adornment. Which he was.
So we brainstormed and came up with this.

Batman (his favorite superhero) + paper flower + feathers = Awwwww Yeah.

Pretty easy, although there were 2 "trials" with catalogs before the comic book was busted out.
Don't wanna waste those splendiferous graphics.

Here's what we did:

* printed out the free paper rose template from here

* traced the pattern onto the comic book pages, making sure the coolest parts/faces are on the petals and therefore will be visible

* cut

* hot glued together


(at this point it looked okay from up top, but from the side it was pretty tall, so we took out the middle part and replaced it with a pearl scrapbooking brad with the prongs pulled off)

A few feathers were hot glued behind the flower because a Dark Knight is practically naked without polka dots. A circle cut out of felt is glued to the back to cover it all up, and then a pin back is glued to the back of that so there aren't any I-can't-get-it-to-stay-on issues.
Ain't nobody got time for that.


We also fashioned a wristlet (proper term?) with the same theme, but instead of curled petals, these are just flower shapes, folded into quarters and stacked. It could've attached to a ribbon or elastic, but since he got her REAL flowers, this didn't get used.

{Sierra said it's getting a pin back too, and will funkify her purse.}

Final Total

comic book : 50 cents
feathers : $1.80 (40% off of 2.99)
brad / pin back / felt : already had

= $2.30

Cause for celebration.

And celebrate they did.



  1. You and your daughter both looked very Audrey Hepburn-ish at your proms. What a great pic the last one is!

  2. My daughter's boyfriend is so into science fiction. If there is a wedding, I am making this for the groom.

  3. OMgosh - LOVE. Trying to think of an excuse to make one....12 more years before mine goes to prom.

  4. They are so cute!!! The boutonniere is swell, too. ;-)

  5. LOVE this post! I, too, remember my Homecoming dances. Mine were from 1975 to '78! Now THAT'S way back! Long, peasant dresses. Fast forward to 2010 when my daughter went to her Prom. She is in college now majoring in Costume Design. She bought a 2nd hand long formal, reconstructed the top half as she is very petite and glued plastic bugs all over it painted cobalt blue. They looked like little flowers. Let the creative juices flow! Thanks for sharing all the photos.


  6. You make the 90s look way better than they were. Sierra looks beautiful. You all are some stylish ladies.

  7. So great! Did her date love it? I bet everyone at prom was complimenting it!

  8. I love that y'all made the comic book flowers. Very cool that her date went along with the fun. They both look wonderful and I bet they had a great time!

  9. How adorable! Lucky girl to have such a clever mother! My daughter went to prom this time last year, she was so not into the traditional thing too, I had a 50's dress made for her.

  10. oh my! how adorable were/are you! and Sierra is obviously a chip off the awesome block! i love her dress-modest and beautiful and your corsage/boutonniere are completely brilliant...i see this coming is very handy 5-10 years from now:) Love the last picture-i bet the two of them had a blast!!

  11. That is so awesome! That flower is amazing.

    Your story reminds me of my prom (betcha it was further back than yours) where my date gave me three roses instead of a corsage (we'd been dating 3 months) and he wore his Batman pin instead of a boutonniere. Batman forever!

  12. OMG, this is fabulous. FAB.U.LOUS. And your daughter looks all kind of amazing. Tell her I said so. Do it.

    Pinned this bad boy.

  13. The Geek in me just needed to give you the biggest high five ever! This is rockin'! If I would have made this for my Hubs for prom he would have loved it! For our wedding we had Sparkplug boutonnieres.

    Great idea and beautiful picts! Hope they had a great time!

  14. This is so clever! I am super impressed with how it turned out!

  15. The comic book rose with the feathers and such looks fabulous!! I really adore this pieces!

  16. Holy Moly, I LOVE this!!! What a fantastic idea instead of the traditional boutonniere. Your daughter looks beautiful, and judging by the pic looks like she had SO much fun at prom!

  17. Amazingly out of the box and awesome as usual! You both look timeless for prom. Much better than my polka dot, shoulder padded nightmare!

  18. This is exactly what I want for my wedding bouquet! Do you by chance have the template to email? That site is now charging :(

  19. This is exactly what I want for my wedding bouquet! Do you by chance have the template to email? That site is now charging :(

    1. WHAT?? So sad. I mean, good for her, but sad for us. I've been through many craft supply purges since then and that template is long gone. I did a quick search on pinterest and came across this which shows the kind of petal piece shapes better to maybe take a regular flower shape and snip out a few petals?


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