Friday, April 26, 2013

$3 gifts: little stuff that girls love

A while back our Young Women at church had a gift swap activity. 
I *adore* White Elephants, as it's socially acceptable and even encouraged to be absurd, but this time the party had been pooped on: no funny / silly / non-useful items allowed.

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Did I mention a $3 max? Eek.

We needed two gifts (Sierra and I were both participating), which pumped up the challenge, as I didn't want it to be two of the same thing because that's boring and, more importantly, lame.

Although these were supposed to be little gifts, they turned out fun enough that they could also be used as a cheap we-just-paid-$1000-to-treat-termites-and-don't-have-money-for-anything-extra birthday present too. As usual, it's all in the presentation.

TIP: find something and let it inspire a theme. 

In this case, it was socks.

Present #1 : Rainbow Brite

socks and candy - Dollar Tree  //  polka dot pen - Michaels

The rainbow theme continues on to the wrapping because that's how homie plays it.
 A simple construction paper bow gives lots of bang for no buck, and it's finished off with a bottle cap scrapbooking embellishment from Target that was sold, at best, in 2002. 
I wish I was joking about that.

Present #2: Black & White & Awesome All Over

socks - Dollar Tree  //  tape dispenser - Hobby Lobby (2.99, but use your 40% off coupon and enjoy the puzzled look of the cashier when you let out a cowboy yee-haw about saving $1.19)(although they really should be used to it by now)

More ancient, completely uncool scrapbook embellishments, a free printable zebra tag from here, some twine, and a leftover piece of ribbon from the scrap jar.

Three bucks never looked so fancy.


  1. You did an amazing job with the restrictions. I love the packaging.

  2. For me the present would be the packaging itself! I wouldn't even need to open it!

  3. Great job. I wouldn't mind getting either of those gifts. Sounds like a fun idea, you'll have to post what you ended up getting at your gifts!

  4. Honestly you are annointed for gift wrapping. I wish that came out better. I mean, seriously girl, the crap you wrap makes my gifts look like the paper bags filled with crap that kids leave on Halloween.

    I remember termites. We though that was the weirdest thing about living in Plano. Except for the fire ants who constructed 4 foot hills of death overnight.

  5. Love it all! I would like to think I could do that well but I don't think so. I definitely would love either one. 💛

  6. This was a great way to use $3! The packaging for both gifts are spectacular!!

    The Decor Chronicles

  7. SERIOUSLY? once again the hat is being tipped in your direction. you have the gift of making chicken salad from chicken %&*#...and you do it soooo well!

  8. Clever ideas but I love the picture 'party pooper' That cracks me up


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