Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Make a Pom Pom Garland

Pom poms are good for more than just adorning knitted hats and wrapping pressies.

 photo 100_1402-001_zpsa778cd7e.jpg

They can also add a bit of whimsy to your walls. 

{Disclaimer: this is not a 10 minute project, but if you've already got the yarn, it's FREE. 
And great as a gift, if you can stand to part with it. More about that in a moment.}

Step 1: Put on a movie and wind and wind and wind until you have all the pom poms you want. Or until you're sick of making them. 

There are lots of tutorials for making them out there: with your hands, a fork, circles of cardboard.
I personally have never had much luck with them turning out...how do you say...."even" when using any of these techniques, so I got the Clover Pom Maker from Hobby Lobby last year (use your coupon!)(or get it here on Amazon), and have never looked back.

Step 2: Tie them on

When you tie off the ball, you'll have two long "tails" left. Use these to tie onto a piece of yarn that's as long as you want your garland to be. Don't worry about spacing - you can slide to adjust things once it's hanging.

Easy Pom Pom Garland photo 100_1484copy_zpsce3db069.jpg

Pom Pom Garland photo 100_1497_zps0c4c1a59.jpg

Step 3: Hang it up.

 photo 100_1503_zps1cdb0222.jpg

I just looped this over some push pins for the sake of getting a photo, but 30 seconds later I took the whole thing apart to send to my Birthday Girl niece (hi Kennedy!).
 I didn't want the garland "assembled" for two reasons: 

1. it'll get tangled like Christmas tree lights if you twist it too much and what kind of gift is that? and 

2. she can do whatever pattern - or NO pattern - her little heart desires.

I think something this happy calls for some mail lingerie, no?

 photo IMG_20130201_185135-001_zps14e63f41.jpg
{yes, there are 63 total...did I mention obsessed much?)
Grab an empty container of choice,

 photo IMG_20130208_160059_zps52942dee.jpg

scrape off the label, and fill 'er up.

 photo IMG_20130208_161454_zpsc40e22f8.jpg

The only thing missing from this fuzzy rainbow? A unicorn in flight.

 photo 100_1550_zps3a66e71e.jpg

Also a perfect excuse to use up those old alphabet stickers.

 photo 100_1558-1_zps68446339.jpg photo 100_1553_zpsaffca37c.jpg


  1. So cute! Great idea.
    Love the photo with the blurry dog!

  2. Fun gift! I made my niece was a little canvas wall hanging - will keep this in my mind for Christmas or something. Maybe I could force my kids into pom-making slave labor when they misbehave (or want to earn some extra Xbox time). I want one of these for my studio. (Insert evil grin)

  3. Love the garland. What an awesome idea to send it as a birthday present. Do you just bring the package to the post office like that and it's good to go?

  4. I have yarn from my grandma and lots of movies that I want to watch on my DVR. I think you have just given me a perfect idea. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  5. You just gave me a cute and cheap way to decorate my babys' room. Love it.

  6. Okay, I read through this, but I don't get any pictures. Sounds like the others are seeing them. Hmmmm, I'll have to stop back later to see it, I'm sure it's lovely!

  7. As always, I ♥ what you did! So SUPER CUTE! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing!

    On a side note, I remember my friends and I would put pom poms like these on our roller skates when we were little. They always looked so cute! :)

  8. a pom pom rainbow??? magically de-lish-us!!!!


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