Friday, January 25, 2013

The Valentine Decorating Post

Even though I don't do diddly squat for my own house (unless stapled heart garlands count), when it comes to work, you'd best believe that Valentine's Day is a season to deck the halls for. 
Not only does it makes our customers smile, it's also a great way to use those outdated menus
that were going to be thrown away.

valentine heart garland out of menus

I did my best to keep it as unfrilly and de-pinkified as possible.
Too much of that feminine fluff makes me twitch. 
Strips of Christmas wrapping paper (two years old and still going strong) line the glass cabinets,

heart garland

and since the Christmas spirit was already flowing, I whipped up some L O V E using the same "technique" as that merry banner eons ago. Instead of punching holes to loop ribbon through, little clothespins attach it onto some decorative yarn.

easy printed love banner

I did branch out (wha wha) and try to use something other than just paper this go round.

making a tree

My hubby was quick to comment that if he had a dollar for every "tree" that's been made
over the course of our marriage, he'd have at least 10 bucks. 

He was reminded that since pruning the trees is under his jurisdiction, that technically I was doing him a favor and therefore? He should shush-y.

halloween 2004
{and then I found this photo circa 2004 when I had made a "spooky tree" for a Halloween party 
at our house. Even when I had 5 kids under 7 - and there were no such things as blogs
or pinterest - making junk helped me to keep my sanity intact. Relatively speaking.
Jordan is Thomas the Train there on the right and Camden is the Barney sitting next to him,
 and I wish I could go back in time and snuggle those little boys again for just five minutes}

{and at the end of five minutes come quickly back to 2013 because no thanks}

Where were we? Toddler parties...time machines...oh yes! Gussying up the tree.

An image search gave me some fab vintage valentines, which got printed up on
white card stock in adorable little wallet sizes.

"I Yam crazy about you." 


vintage valentines

A loop of hot glued ribbon lets them hang amongst hearts (outta more menus).

valentine tree

The silhouette from last year stole my heart - pun intended - so I used the same idea
and just modified it a bit. 
A piece of the kids art paper (the stuff that comes on a roll) got traced, painted,

painted scroll

and then cut out and mounted above some fuzzy balls.

pom pom garland

The perfect spot for a proposal.

wanna have lunch silhouettes

And now we get to what is always my favorite part: the wall.

wall of lovers

This month it's full of lovers.

valentine couples

valentine photoshop couples

photoshopped couples

photoshop lovers

 I suppose we just can't help it.

Carlos cupid


  1. Squee! I love it! I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!

    THAT IS SO AWESOME! You did an amazing job (again!) 10 million points to you! How awesome. I hope the customers (and the boss) do appreciated everything - so very creative and thoughtful. I can't say it enough -I love it!

  2. Bert and Ernie is just killing me! LOVE IT! Also, yes, I'd like to go back to 2004 and hug my little kids for a few minutes and come right back to 2013 because I can't handle little kids anymore, ha ha!

  3. You did it again! Fun-fabulous! Great menu repurposing and I'm loving the wall.

  4. The way you decorate the store always makes me smile! Great job! Wish I lived close enough to see it in person, alas Buffalo, NY is a mighty hike from there!

  5. once again my talented bloggy friend, i am tipping my crafty hat to are brilliant, over-the-top unique and fabby artist!

  6. I went to my local Pot Belly's and nothing, not a single heart! You need to go on the road and decorate for them. I leave for a 2 week trip to Hawaii Monday but when I come back I'm gonna drop in!

  7. I WANNA live closer, so I can come in there and enjoy all of your decorating awesome-ness!! :) It looks SO AWESOME (as usual)!!!!

  8. I just found your blog thru pinterest and I am loving it here!

  9. That tree is awesome! Amongst all the other decorations, love em!!

  10. Those are really adorable decor you have there. It's simple yet anyone would find it cute and fun to have around. My friend and I had the same concept with our apartment just a few weeks back and everyone seem to enjoy it. They even said that the decorations matched the furniture. Kudos to you guys for a great idea right here.

    Much Love, Benjamin Hall

  11. There's a certain charm that I find in Valentine decorations. If I be given a present with red hearts on a date, I'd be swept off my feet!

    Mischna Ong

  12. You did an excellent job and inspired me and i will try to make like this characters for my kid's room. Because kid's room must be looking innovated renovations surrey


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