Monday, December 17, 2012

The Shop, All Dressed Up For Christmas

And, as always, with free projects. Is there any other way?

Paper bag reindeer

A lot of the handmade decorations from last December were saved, making the job of holiday-fying the store a little easier this year. The cereal box cardboard / wrapping paper "merry" banner stored like a champ, as did the construction paper leaf wreath.

Merry banner

The paper bag stocking made it's encore as well, and only got two new friends, because I was a grinch and said no to making 11 more. Next year, perhaps?

paper bag stockings

Because of a certain TV gift wrap segment, there was an abundance of wrapped "presents" that needed to be adopted (after removing any embellishments that I wanted to keep).

gift wrapping

Santa with gifts

Mixed in with some presents a few other employees brought in last year, they give our loft a "Christmas Morning" feel. Minus the hot cocoa.

Loft full of gifts

After seeing this printable reindeer template, I knew we had to have one. But he looked a little plain the way they showed him, so my version got a pair of googly eyes, a coat of brown paint on his antlers, and a pom pom nose.

Cardboard Rudolph

After hanging him up on the wall, my heart broke. He just blended in (!!), and I wasn't into the garland around the base idea. Solution? Another piece of cardboard, cut into a shield-ish shape, covered with leftover wood grain contact paper, and put in place like a basketball backboard. Swish.

Cardboard box reindeer mount

Kraft wrapping paper is a great thing to have on hand, not only for gift giving, but also as an oversized canvas for painting four foot tall toy soldiers. You know - should the need ever arise.
 My beloved overhead projector got put to use again (best $25 I ever spent)
to gave me the outline I needed,

overhead projector for painted toy soldiers

and then it was just paint by number.

Yes, those dirty socks on the floor are mine. 
Always time to make stuff, never time to clean.

Painted toy soldiers

Taped inside our glass cabinets, they look so handsome and majestic I just wanna give them a smooch. The shelves got the ol' wrapping paper treatment, and the pizza box poinsettia bedazzles the cleaning list that hangs on the wall. Nothing is off limits.

Painted kraft...
Santa's pickles

 A quick google search lead me to this photo tutorial on how to cut snowflakes and then
{after a bit of trial and error}, a monster was created and I couldn't stop.

Paper snowflakes

Disclaimer: when you finish cutting and open up your creation, it will be creased from all the folding. Mine are perfectly flat because it's either spend time ironing paper snowflakes OR pick up dirty socks, and we all know how that decision ends.

Paper snowflakes
And then the part I have the most fun with. The wall.
We've decorated eggs, seen stars, practiced pick up lines, gotten lucky and oodles more, but this time the theme is Santa's Village.

Santa's Village

Which means we need Santa and his favorite reindeer,

Santa Coz

and Frosty the Snowman {"Happy Birthday!"},

Frosty the snowman

a Gingerbread Fran,

Gingerbread Fran

and a whole buncha elves busy in the workshop that's topped with paper bag shingles and chalked on snow. All the "snow" drifts along the bottom are smooshed up wax paper that we use to line cookie sheets, stapled to the wall.

Santa's workshop

That's gonna be fun to take down December 26th.

Santa's elves


  1. Well done! I may use that snowflake tutorial - thanks for the link

  2. Ridiculous! You are SO creative. I love it all. And yes, thank you for the snowflake I'm off to ignore laundry and cut out snowflakes!

  3. must.make.snowflakes.

    perfect holiday decor! you are a master.

  4. What a fun shop you have, your customers must love seeing what you're going to do next with the decor! Wonderful job!
    I'll tell ya, I've been a wrapping fool with the great ideas I've gotten from you!!

  5. I found your site from a link on Pinterest - AMAZING! So many wonderful ideas come to life. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful work! And I agree, snowflake making trumps everything else :)

  6. I don't know how I missed this, wish I had dropped by for the great decor. I just realized you have accomplished one of my dreams, to decorate a restaurant! You are the cream of the crop!!!

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