Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pimping Yo' Presents Tip #2: Use what you've got gift wrap

"use what you've got" gift wrap

Who says you have to buy stuff every year to wrap your gifts? Nope.
Pretend you're a hobo and use whatever you can find laying around.
Not only will it be unexpected and unique, but it will also be FREE.

stuff around the house gift wrap

Going clockwise we have:

* dingleball (?) found on the ground (shhh) with a piece of ripped fabric from a shirt the boys outgrew

*freezer ice-pop mesh bag and a punched out sentiment from a scrap of decorative paper glued onto a key tag

* rainbow pom from a skein of multi-colored leftover yarn (and technically ALL yarn in my hoard is "leftover" since I can't knit or crochet without constant supervision)

duct tape as gift wrap ribbon

* patterned duct tape in place of ribbon and topped with a hot-glued-on flower pulled from an old Christmas pick

*shiny metal "paper" that was the OUTSIDE bag of our Thanksgiving turkey. I assure you that the actual meat was sealed within, and although the foil-y stuff has blemishes and imperfections - just like me - I say it adds character and makes me love it even more.

map gift wrap

*a map of Texas that's been in our desk drawer since we moved here. In 2007.

*paper poinsettia that we talked about how to make yesterday

cardstock poinsettia gift topper

And now we have newspaper. What's a hobo without newspaper?

Open the gates and seize the day (anybody else still smitten with that movie 20 years later?) and use it like wrapping paper, taking care to avoid any "convicted in sex scandal" headlines landing smack dab in the middle. Or not, depending on who the gift is for.

You can also make a firework/poof thingy to go on top and give your package some Spartan spirit fingers.

{Who's that girl making fancy trash? It's me! It's me!}

On a rice encrusted table, cut your newspaper into long sections,


and then start snip snip snipping little strips, leaving the last 1/2 inch or so intact.


Grab your glue gun and get your roll on.The first strip will look kinda wimpy, but carry on.


Take your next piece and roll the first little bundle in it....and repeat....and repeat...


It'll look like those tortilla pinwheel sandwich things they serve at weddings on the bottom,


and then it'll start to resemble a super festive happy gift embellishment. If it doesn't look right, just add some more layers.


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  1. These ideas are so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. since young, I'm used to wrap my Christmas gifts with newspapers,too!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Hi Rebecca. As always, great ideas! I wanted to let you know you've been mentioned in my blog Brand New Day (http://startingwithabrandnewday.weebly.com/blog.html) If you get a chance pop over and see the entry that calls you "the absolute, undeniable Goddess of Gift Wrap.)
    Thanks for all your creative work!

  4. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have since gone back and read all of your entries... you are hilarious! Your entries never fail to make me laugh. Thanks for always brightening my day!

  5. Hahahaha! Love that plastic net stuff...it looks great and I NEVER would have thought of it.

  6. awesome, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wooohooo!! I just ♥ when you post your gift wrapping ideas! YOU are so creative, and it's always fun seeing your works of art!

    I hope your holiday season is going great! :)

  8. Love your ideas, thanks for all these great suggestions and the tutorial on the news paper fireworks! Love it!

  9. "Oh Captain, My Captain". God I love that movie!!
    Love the wrap ideas too. You've convinced me to stop hunting for the "perfect" red gingham ribbon to go with my brown paper and use the red wool I will never use. I might even make a pom pom :)

  10. brilliant!! Thanks for the ideas:)

  11. I especially love the newspaper pom pom!!

  12. I've been reading your blog since last Christmas' Wrap Your Crap series and never felt really compelled to comment until I saw Newsies!! ..Don't be afraid and don't delay...Nothing will break us, no one can make us give our rights awaaaaaayyyy... I was just thinking yesterday that it's about time to rewatch it!

    Thanks for all the creative wrapping ideas!

  13. Mylar balloons, deflate, cut along seams, use to wrap gifts...

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  15. Dang I wish I would have seen all these present pimping posts before I went 90% off Christmas shopping. There were balls and doodads GALORE! As always, you and your wrapping are awesome.

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  17. Dang I wish I would have seen all these present pimping posts before I went 90% off Christmas shopping. There were balls and doodads GALORE! As always, you and your wrapping are awesome.


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