Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pimp Yo' Presents Tip #6: hit the dollar store

It's no secret that Dollar Store Chic is the style I wear most. 
My favorite. My precious. My Sancho.
 If you've got a plain container, you're 90% of the way there.


The step by step directions are back in this post, but who really even needs instructions? 
It's just gluing decorative paper {or plain cardstock, or wrapping paper, or...} 
on the plain lid that comes with the tins, and uh...that's it
They come in 3 or 4 packs, depending on what size you get, and are available at every 
dollar store on the planet.

dressed up foil tins

dressed up dollar store foil tins
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dollar store tins decorated with scrapbook paper

And while you're there, pick up a few packs of plain white boxes, because we're gonna hit them with some patterned paper too. Since the lid just comes off, they can be used year after year.

(those acorns and ribbon? Also from Dollar Tree.)

plain white box covered with scrapbook paper

plain white box with scrapbook paper

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  1. Im a big fan of discount stores you can buy more for less! These look fantastic have never thought of using a takeaway container before but it definately works! Sometimes I think the way a gift is wrapped can make even the simplest of presents look really special :)

  2. WOW!! These look great. I will have to do this for my cookies. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Get the helloutta Dodge! I never thought of that. Smartypants. Bet you got the paper at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off too, right? Thatta girl!

  4. Great ideas, again! When I was a kid we had several boxes that had the tops wrapped and were used over and over. My hubby and I bought a bunch of those really nice sturdy boxes, both cardboard and plastic, after Christmas at really low prices and we use them over each year, but we usually keep them for just us and the kids, so we can keep on going with them.
    Thanks for this great series of ideas!!!

  5. We just dropped of lasagna to our visiting and home teaching families today...but uhh...I just drew on the foil with colored sharpies. This is way cuter.

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