Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pimp Yo' Presents Tip #3: Give your gift some balls

We've discussed this before, but there is nothing quite like the magic of ornaments to instantly transform everyday into holiday.

It sounds too simple to be true, but watch:

Polka dot kraft paper and black ribbon. What's so jingle jangle about that?

Well, once you give it a pair (plus a lil' pinecone), stars start gleaming, angels start singing, and in 30 seconds flat you're ready for Christmas Eve. Slam bam in a can. This paper was from the Dollar Spot at Target with the Halloween stuff, but the only thing scary about it is that there were 5,273 rolls left because people had holiday wrapping on the brain. Their loss.

More Dollar Spot paper, this time from way back in February with all the Valentines Day paraphernalia. Ornaments are available in ANY hue now, not just the traditional red and green, so Kris Kringle can jingle-lingle-ling on any color palette you've got laying around.

This paper was from Michaels in those dollar bins. When I found Mr. Peacock, it only seemed fitting that they go together like Tango and Cash. Teal, purple and violet for CHRISTMAS? Delicious.

 Not only can ornaments festi-fy your package, but they can also sing to the person's interests, making the wrapping part of the gift itself. With just a little kraft paper, and some faux wood grain contact paper (dollar store), you can practically feel the mosquitoes bitin'.

Owls live on trees and trees are made of wood, so this combo is a no-brainer. There's that black ribbon again, perked up with some red and green to {subtly} say Happy Holidays.

Pretty much the only "real" Yuletide paper in the bunch. A few strips of yarn and a dang awesome robot keep it playful and make for a happy Haydo Potato.

This sexy thang got tied with some leftover tulle, only because I didn't have any shag carpet in my stash. Also missing? A phat gold chain and chest hair.

And just because it is not officially December until the Santa Sock Monkey shows his face...

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  1. Tee hee, my inner 13 year old laughed when you said it on the show and just laughed again when I read your post title.

    I love the woodgrain paper with the owl and the "sexy" wrap complete with disco ball. Awesome! You are inspiring me to wrap my presents much better this year. I think if I wrap them better, they'll be so distracted that they won't notice that their gift cards are for less money this year, ha ha.

  2. Love all these great ideas. Love the use of non Christmas papers and colors. Thanks!

  3. I like the animal printed gift wrap and the funny rain deer display. My sister loves animal prints so I think this is the best gift wrap for her.

    -Mia Leehy

  4. My mother wants to throw our old Christmas balls. Now I know I can still do something creative using those balls.

    -Holly Rees

  5. In my opinion, personalizing your gifts will add more value to it. Also, it will be appreciated more by the receiver. It also helps that these kinds of procedure are around.


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