Friday, December 21, 2012

More Random Gift Wrap and Why Not Decorating Is Totally Coolio

The last of the gifts {okay, ALMOST last} have been packaged up and oh what fun it's been. 
'Specially those little gifts. Those trinkety, tiny things that get wrapped up in itty boxes, 
and something about their itty bitty-ness makes them all the more special. 
Even if it's in a plain, 3 pack for $1 container, and what's inside is a gift card.

birch tree tag
{free printable gift tag from here}

This square box from Valentines Day works just dandy after a quick coat of black spray paint 
to cover up the flying cupid graphics. A wooden candy cane ornament gets plopped on top, 
wrapped in twine, and that's it.

candy cane gift wrap topper

Wrapping up gifts for people that have a...fetish? obsession? area of interest? kinda my favorite. Thanks to image searches with bazillions of clipart perfect for gift tags, it's also a no-brainer.

Adventure Time gift tag

"Whaaat time is it?"

Adventure Time christmas tag

flamingo gift topper
{low quality phone photo via my instagram, but flamingo, fuzzy zebra, and leopard all mashed together in one lovely symphony is nothing short of Christmas Magic}

Yoshi gift tag

Even if you're using the same paper (red & white from the dollar bin at Michaels) 
and embellishments (yarn), just switching out the tag can make each person feel special.

christmas gift wrap
{another tag from here}

'Member how I talked about not wanting to get out all the Christmas junk this year? I stuck to it. Something about decking the halls felt suffocating and not necessary this year so guess what?

I didn't. 

Usually it's a pleasure to sprinkle every little surface and turn our abode into a Christmas Casa 
(like here)(man do I miss that phone booth), but this year...nope. 
We're trying to focus more on the GIVING part of the season. The GRATEFUL part. 
The part that doesn't need a tree, or lights, or any of that other stuff and fluff.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I do realize the irony of this after all the talk about pimping presents (which, for the record, is also something I would never do if it weren't enjoyable and therefore DO NOT JUDGE those that choose to spend their time elsewhere), and maybe next year it'll be different. But for this December, Christmas "decorating" consisted of 7 nails and a hammer. 

Christmas mantel

I'm going to be taking a break from the computer these next few weeks and spend time with my babies that will be home. From our family to yours: Have a very merry Christmas!


  1. I just love the flamingo, so sweet and festive.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  2. I love that you decided to keep it low key this year. I did too. So instead my family, who didn't want low key, did all the decorating. They didn't do it my way (i.e. the Right Way - wink,wink) but I've left it alone and they're feeling pretty spiffy.

    Cool gift ideas again, but I gotta say the feet on the flamingo are creeping me out a little.

    Enjoy your time with your kiddos. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas! I started out making our gifts look cute...and then started losing energy and just wrapped the rest of boring. ;)

  4. If it had been up to me, we would have done the tree and that would be it, but hubby felt that since we were hosting the family celebration that we should have the decorations up. It was not fun for me this year. I just wanted to be simple. As for the pimping the presents, only a few of them got pimped. Hubby helps with the wrapping and he likes simple, put it in a bag and we're done and when he has everything out there isn't much room for me to mess around with cool stuff. I did do a few that are pimped out, but not as many as I wanted.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, have fun celebrating the season with them.
    Thanks for a wonderful year of post, ideas and fun!

  5. I totally see not spending all that time decorating, but I must say, the photos of your home decorated, are perfection. I love everything you did and I bet your family and visitors loved being in that wonderland. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Inspirational!

  6. I went all out this year, just cause my family is travelling a long way and spending a lot of money to be here... but sometimes, simple is best. Especially when it's all about giving and loving and being thankful for the little things.
    Have a wonderful xmas!
    Love from the land down under :)

  7. Wait wait wait wait wait! What happened to the phone booth!?!? I've been so jealous of your awesome phone booth! You got rid of it?

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