Monday, November 12, 2012

on being on TV and why I need your help

I got an invitation from Texas Living, a local daytime TV show here in DFW, to come and do a segment on holiday wrapping. My first response was "Sure - that would be so fun!" until it sunk in and I realized that OH YEAH I'm terrified of public speaking and public speaking that's being broadcast across the metroplex?


So I'm trying to listen to the voice that says it'll be freakin' awesome, and trying to ignore the voice that says I'll freeze up, sound like a complete dork, or even worse JUST BE MYSELF and something inappropriate will surely slip out.

They sent me a packet thing with all the information they need to know/I need to know
and now there are two problems:

1. What to wear.

They want no patterns and bright colors. Or basically everything I am NOT.


2.What to put below my name

You know like:

Rebecca Wisor
(something should go here)

I don't have a title. Normally I consider that a good thing, but's making my brain hurt.
 So I'm asking YOU, hoping that someone out there has better ideas than me 'n the kids do.
 Here's the Top Ten List of what we've been able to come up with, in no particular order:

your mom's on TV

plays with squirrels

pending investigation

shake well before opening

trash boat

fo' real

forgot to flush

fart sniffer

firsthand witness

former NFL quarterback

I don't remember eating that

I need something short, non-serious, but not so ridiculous that it'll get vetoed.

Can you help a sister out?


  1. :) i've been reading your blog for a few months, got here from pinterest! it's so inspirational and you are so clever. reading your blog helps me see old crap in a new way. and i mean that in the best possible sense. perhaps under your name: craft fiend, mad crafter, upcycler extraordinaire, online craft wiz, imagination facilitator, scrap alchemist...crap master? i'm just being cheeky, but i know you'll come up with something perfectly descriptive, and very you. thanks for your blog, i LOVE it so much. xo

  2. First of all, that is SOOOOO cool!

    K, here are my ideas:

    Crafter extraordinaire

    Creative crafter

    Gift wrapping expert

    Creative Genius!

  3. How about "The Mad Wrapper"? Also, you could wear the navy blue sweater in the lower right-hand corner of the closet pick. That's warm, non-colorful and non-patterened but still textured.

    I'm very excited for you! I think it's cool that your talents are being recognized. I wish I lived close enough that I could be your real-life friend and you could give me wrapped packages. You wouldn't have to give me real gifts - you could just give me the wrapped packages to enjoy. I would even give them back so you could recycle everything again!

  4. How about Wrap Artist? Get it, get it?? ;-)

  5. I've always been fond of Chronic Crafturbator, but that may not be appropriate?

  6. Awesome! You're going to do great. For your title, let this be a little PR moment for your restaurant. I think you should either have them put "Owner of (your restaurant name here)" or "from"

  7. That's AWESOME! I had a good laugh over imagining "your mom's on tv" under your name. "Pending investigation" and "fo' real" are also favorites.
    I do think Aunt_B has a good one with "wrap artist". Waaaaay better than my ideas of "Thang Backer Upper", "Or so she says", or "Rhymes with Visor".

  8. I'm all over Crafturbator but that will surely get nixed. Or will it??

  9. Oh that is so cool, congrats! As far as a title, remember they **heard** about you and how great you are at what you do and they **asked** you to appear; in the initial contact with you, how did they refer to you and why they'd like you to appear on the show ... perhaps somewhere in what they said there's a title lurking to be published?

    This is a wonderful branding and PR opportunity for you and anyone / anything you want to share it with: the restaurant, your blog, your Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

    Craft Blogger @

    Fancied Up and Embellished: (I like this one)
    Event Decorator and Craft Blogger @

    I always think of other items after I leave a comment and I may be back with more!

    Have fun with all this Rebecca :)


  10. I agree with Robin.

    Craft Blogger @

    It is accurate and gives shares your blog with viewers who might become readers after seeing you on TV!

    On the wearables, I've been told that a thin black v-neck sweater is flattering for just about everybody on camera. You could have lace from an undershirt peeking out! I found this one at Old Navy


  11. How exciting!! I hope you post a link of the segment for us non-DFW dwellers to enjoy! You definitely need to incorporate your blogname into your title, I'd say, CCO @ older and (Chief Crafting Officer)


  12. I vote Wrap Artist. It's literal but yet still in line with your lovely quirky sense of humor.

  13. Craptastic wrapping;) just kidding! I am excited for you... post a link when you have it. I would love to see it!

  14. Wrapping Fashionista!

    Wrapper Extraordinaire!

    Congrats on being recognized for your talent.

  15. ok, this is big...BIG i tell you, are going to do soooo good...and it will pass quickly...just pay close attention to what you are doing, not what you are saying...really, i have no clue...i would die of fright.
    as to title...i'd go with either:


    i turn chicken poop into chicken salad

    craft magician

    junk lover

    all around good egg

    all kidding aside...i'm so tickled for you! you're a peach!

  16. Rebbeca Wisor
    Love to Wrap
    Its how I Roll

  17. Congrats that is so amazing!!! A few words of encouragement from someone who's done a lot of speaking to the crowds... if they (the audience) would not want to see you they would not watch - so they are in your corner. If you know some of what you have to say - practice at home with your family looking at a camera or video. Make "eye contact" with it so you don't get that shifty look that inexperienced / new to the camera people get, like they are avoiding it. if you normally speak softly, make an effort to speak louder. If you speak fast (like I do), remember to take breaths between sentences and slow down a bit.
    Title - you should work your blog into it.. maybe something like (not older but definitely wisor from the older and wisor blog). Wile some of the cute monikers suggested are very lovely and descriptive you don't want to confuse viewers who may try to find you later - they will remember what they saw so the blog name matters.
    Clothing - I agree with a v-neck, very flattering, but any fall colour would be nice. Black can be harsh and draining if they don't give you professional make-up. (If you know they don't you should go heavy on it. Really. If they do... relax, they will know how to do the job right.) I would go with navy, burgundy or forest green. No beige or brown, it can wash you out.
    If it's a show where you stand and all of you is visible, choose a flattering skirt - A-line usually looks good on everybody. Since you will probably be wrapping - splurge on a nice manicure. (I know it sounds silly but the camera will zoom in on your hands.) And moisturize like crazy...
    Good luck and have fun, you will do great! Your natural sense of humour will come through and hopefully it will lead to more wonderful stuff!

  18. Ok I'm liking ur humor list names....i personally thought shake well before opening was cute

    but Marci was on to something with the Love to Wrap it's how i roll!!!!!!!

    as for this awesome's about time someone recognized awesomeness!!

    make sure you let us know when u should pull ur ear to give us bloggy friends a shout out bhahaha (so not kidding) kidding!

  19. How about the one that my partners at the scrapping studio use for me Craft Queen or maybe crafter par excellence (don't know if that is spelled right) Or you could go back to that post from a while ago and put "I wrap crap" but they would probably veto that one. Be sure to let us know what you choose.
    I think you'll be a big hit, do be yourself, that's what people love.

  20. I think "wrap artist" is hilarious.
    I thought of something less funny but accurate:
    "DIY blogger"
    And you MUST be yourself Rebecca. You're too funny to not be yourself (maybe just keep the innuendos and potty humor to a minimum. ;))
    What ever you wear, pick something that makes you feel fabulous. You'll be less nervous if you feel fabulous.

    Be sure to post the segment after it airs. Can't wait to see it!

  21. Congratulations on being noticed for your talents.
    I'm not good at the dressing or the title but the blog title works for me. ;o) now I did like the fart sniffer. LOL JK

  22. so cool!

    Wear dark blue.
    It reads well on camera, and it's softer than black.

    I know that the professional way to go is : Craft blogger @ Older/Wisor.

    But..."CrapWrapper" just makes me LOL.

  23. Wrap Artist @


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