Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gift-ing it up a notch

The presents (all 34 of them...there's no way they are all gonna fit on that display, but how can I choose?) are wrapped and ready to go.

gift wrap
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For all you locals, my Texas Living segment is airing Wednesday, the 28th {that's tomorrow}at11am. 
It's on Channel 47 and LIVE which = no do-overs.

Sierra reminded me how well I do on first takes.


If I can remember, I'll be posting photos on instagram @olderandwisor ("Here's me, throwing up in the toilet from nerves"), and after it airs there will be a link for the rest of you who want to see this crazy train in action. I'd love any happy thoughts/energy/prayers you can spare and send my way...


  1. You're going to be great, I just know it! I would be nervous, too, and most people would, so I won't tell you not to be nervous, because you will be anyway. Just use all the old tricks - deep breaths, visualize people in their underwear, etc. Well, maybe not the underwear thing. That might make things worse. Just think of it as live blogging. We're already out here reading your innermost thoughts, which you do very well - now we'll be able to see you express them in person. Plus, I think you come across very well on video. You look pretty and personable even when flubbing your wrap rap song, ha ha, so no worries.

  2. Ha! I forgot about that video. Yeah, you're in trouble. Don't forget to give the crew with your list of requirements: no eye contact with the talent, must provide human beatbox during presentation, etc. You are going to be fantastic and I can't wait to see it. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning and sending prayers over your way.

  3. You are the wrapping fashionista so I am sure you will do great! I am so sure I posted a link today on my blog to yours - the ultimate expert in wrapping. Others do not even compare!

  4. You'll do awesome! My husband did some science stuff on the local news a couple times and they're way more relaxed in real-life than they are in person. You'll do fine. Be sure to post a link because I want to see it!!

  5. I'm sure you are going to do great. Anyone would be nervous. Can't wait for you to post a link so I can see how wonderfully you do!

  6. it's going to be a smash and you will be brilliant...i see a whole girt wrapping tv show for you in the future! please do post a link where we can watch...i know it's going to be just great. good luck!

  7. You are a complete and total stranger (with the exception that I've been blog-stalking you for over a year now) but I just had to tell you that you make my heart happy. Thanks for sharing your life with the world!


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