Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cash and Candy {a no-fail birthday gift}

Sometimes when we get take out, I'll ask for an extra box. 
My kids love this about me, as it's super cool and not embarrassing at all.
Just like me dancing in the car at stop lights.


But there's nothing embarrassing about always having the perfect size container on hand to wrap up a quick gift. And what birthday boy -or girl- doesn't like a little sugar and dough?

cash and candy birthday gift

It's even more squeal-inducing if you can personalize the wrapping with another love.

This looks like a job for Superman.

A google image search provided the blank logo, and then a "K" {for Karl} was added,
big enough to fill up the empty space.


(I used photoshop, but Microsoft Word - or freehanded - works just as well)

Using that as a template, the whole thing gets cut out of red, and the triangles/polygons/other angular shapes go yellow and get glued on top.

personalized superman logo

Some sharpie-d edges, some twine and it's a bird, it's a plane, it' time.

personalized superman gift wrap


  1. Sweet! And not just from the sugar in the candy ;)

  2. This is so ridiculously creative. I don't know how you do it, but I'm kind of glad we don't attend the same birthday do you make cash and candy look so thoughtful?!

  3. That is Super cute ;-)

  4. Miranda said it perfectly...I'm glad we're not invited to the same parties. This is so awesome.

  5. What a great idea for a fun gift and the wrapping of it is so cute and fun and creative. TFS!

  6. Definitely going to give this one a shot!

  7. Super cute and oh-so creative (as always!)

    I hope your week is going great! :)

  8. Great idea! Its been a while since you posted gift wrapping, I missed it, thanks!


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