Thursday, October 4, 2012

Would Your Man Wear This?

I had no idea what to get Roger for his birthday this year until heaven intervened
and one of the guys from work came in with this shirt on.


I believe that's what you call a slam dunk.

Except when my beloved spouse saw it he said no. Not just "no," but "no WAY."

Even AFTER reading the customer reviews.

 "I admit, there was something about this shirt that lured me to it. 
It might have been the rainbow; it might have been the sparkles. But that doesn't matter now. 
What matters is that I'm a completely changed person."

"Free french fries because of this shirt? You best believe it!"

"The worst thing about this shirt is that it didn't exist before the recession. 
If it had existed then, who knows how much better off we'd all be?" 

He would not be swayed. 

 The same man that wears my painting clothes while I play with his hair,


and tries to make out with my brother-in-law in front of the temple,


THAT man doesn't fee comfortable wearing a "shirt like that."

(although this guy doesn't seem to be uncomfortable)

(every so often that image pops into my head during the day and I silently snort)

Maybe I should be a good wife and get him something more manly...perhaps in blue?


Or go full throttle and take the denim route.

Nothing says "I'm a tough working guy" more than overalls. It's scientifically proven.

the awesomest shirt in the history of everything awesome from here.

Happy Birthday, Snookums.


  1. You are the best! Snookums can't be half bad either, he lives with you. Every day. Every live-long day.

    Seriously, your posts continually make me laugh and inspire me. Thank you so very much!

  2. You are just too much! Love the shirt, but I'd hazard to say, my hubby wouldn't wear it either and he is one of the least macho types that I know. LOL

  3. This just made my day. I wish the welder in the unicorn tee worked at my company. Just yes.

  4. He's an awfully cute guy - and I guess you have finally found his limits! My husband is super picky about his clothes and wouldn't even let our dog wear that shirt, but I have some girlfriends that would just "squeal" over it!!! It's the trifecta! 1) Purple 2) Rainbow and 3) unicorn - oh they'd love it!

  5. Stop, just STOP this madness! Funniest thing ever! Those are a riot!!! :)
    Thanks for the laughs!

  6. you made my day. I'll be reading reviews all afternoon, ad I'll love every minute of it!

  7. I think you should get him all three, because they are all too awesome to choose between. Although the sparkles do kinda mesmerize me. But then, look at the expression in the overall kitten's face!

    I made mine wear a shirt with my school's name spelled out in sequins. MADE him do it.

  8. hahaha! Maybe he'd be happier with the triple wolf moon-howl? Read the comments on Amazon. Awesome!

  9. You aren't going to believe this but my daughter has those shirts, well at least the first 2. She embarrasses me wearing them. It's part of her "granny swag" style that she has put together, she wears her peach keds at the same time. I think she's being a hipster, like I said I am just being embarrassed. She doesn't keep them in the lovely form they come in, she get the scissors after them, cute huh?

  10. Bought my brother the unicor shirt for xmas. he *loved* it! He is a 23 yr old hipster. Just wanted to say thanks for the gift idea. (although I did scour the thriftstores first before coughing up that price on amazon- but he loves it!!)


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