Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A {beach themed} Shower Gift

Do you know what makes me cringe?

(besides smashing hard shelled bugs or finding an orange that somehow rolled to the back of the fridge months ago by accidentally touching it's moldy shriveled up furry self with my finger while getting out leftovers)(which had also gone bad)

Hobby Lobby getting out all of their Christmas junk when it's JULY
and 127 degrees outside.

 But this year it actually came in handy.

I had a baby shower coming up where the sweet mama-to-be is doing a mermaid themed nursery, but unfortunately summer and children being home all.day.everyday has left this house way too messy to even think about making anything handmade.


While I was CASUALLY GLANCING at the upcoming merchandise,
heaven shined it's light upon this beauty in the ornament aisle and I stopped mumbling
 my why-can't-we-wait-until-after-Halloween rant and snatched her up.

Gently snatched, that is. She is made of glass.


As much as I love dollar store boxes, in this case I needed something with more depth so that her curves wouldn't get smashed. Enter these.


Michaels calls them "memory" boxes, but potato tomato - we all know they're photo holders. 
They come in all different colors, they're sturdy, and they can be put to good use after the present is opened.


The box was the perfect size, but when the lady-of-the-ocean met the other guests
I had picked up to go to the party, she looked out of place and completely overdressed.
If that's possible for a girl only wearing clamshells.


I figured since the ornament was getting a technicolor dream coat of bubble wrap anyway,
why not slap some paper on everything? Now when the lid is opened it looks finished and cohesive instead of a container full of random items.

And hopefully compensates for the lack of homemade-ness.

Which doesn't bother anyone but me.

Who says baby girl paper has to be pink?

A paint chip got run through the printer with this crab clipart, 
and then hand stamped with the name they picked out.


Bonus points for using one of those random tiny leftover pieces of burlap that keep
 shedding all over my other fabric.



  1. Smart girl! Those photo holder- memory box doohickies are so cheap too. Good thinkin'.

  2. "for her bum, for her tree, for her hands" ... clever way to unify the items. All the wrapping elements came together so well, and pls let mom to be know that I think a mermaid nursery theme is precious. To run the paint chip through your printer did you attach it to another sheet of paper? I can't even figure out how to get my printer to handle envelopes.


  3. I bet you always have the best-dressed presents at the party. This looks phenomenal!

  4. This makes me want to have a baby just so I can get a gift from you. Stop messing with me.

  5. @Robin -

    Here's my super technical method:

    1. print the image on a piece of paper
    2. tape the swatch over where it printed
    3. send it though again

    No fussing with printer setups or margins or other foolishness. Just instant gratification.

  6. Pom Pom FTW!
    Such a sweet gift :)

  7. That is the best wrapped gift. I love how you wrapped and packaged each item. That would be so much fun to open.

  8. You come up with the BEST, most CREATIVE ideas ever! I ♥ everything you did....super cool!

    It's been a while since I've been to Hobby Lobby--and I had no idea about the Christmas stuff being out already. I just don't get it. WAY TOO EARLY to be in stores. Pretty soon I'm afraid it'll just be up year-round.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  9. What would you like to some more about cringe? Do you like to Send gifts for Muslims on Eid?

  10. Beautiful! I curse the early Christmas stuff too, but some times it does come in handy, doesn't it? Love the idea of the photo box to put the gifts in. I'll have to keep it in mind. TFS!

  11. Divine. Simple. Divine. Cohesive. Divine. Clever. and did i mention Divine?

  12. I've so enjoyed your blog since I found it!

    I'm told the premature Christmas at HL (and similar stores) is largely because crafters, especially those with Etsy stores, need to get started really early. But they have barely gotten rid of the way-marked-down Christmas stuff before they are back with new stuff.


  13. SUCH a cute idea, I love it! You guys have such amazing craft stores over in the US, those in the UK simply don't compare. That mermaid is beautiful and I'm sure she will be loved for many years to come.

  14. shhhh... i know it was a week ago that you posted this. but i came to say I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!! YOU GIVE THE BEST PRESENTS EVER!!!

    good-bye for now


  15. So completely awesome and amazing!

  16. I like this blog thanks for sharing this post.

  17. I found you via a jean graveyard post and I'm hooked... I can't wait to get to my computer to view your blog on something other than my itsy bitsy phone :)


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