Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Your Mom Has A Cute Bathroom {a mini makeover}

"I don't like Grandma's bathroom. It's scary."

Those words, from my 4 year old nephew, inspired my mama to run out and purchase paint
so that she could transform her guest bath into something light, airy and beachy.
De-scare-ify, if you will.
Everyone needs a happy place to pee.

Unfortunately that paint had been sitting in the garage for months. Waiting.
When we checked into Casa de Grandma for vacation, it was still like this.

I mean, not EXACTLY like this - that junk on the counter is ours - but still.
It festered in my brain all week to help her out and do something, and finally,
the day before we left and I was practically a cripple with my arms sunburnt to a crisp,
I couldn't take it any longer and the zhush-ing began.

Behold the power of paint.

That miniscule bar below the window was perfect for hanging up one towel, 
but when does Grandma's house ever have just ONE guest? Never. Is when.

So down it came.

Luckily the slow-to-throw-anything-away gene I have is inherited, and there was a neat stack of boards from the base of a bed that they were going to get rid of.

Yeah right.

I picked out the three pieces with the cutest coloring (can wood be cute?),

screwed them to the wall using the holes that were already on both ends,
then attached a few hooks picked up from Lowes.

The garage also held an accessories toy box for me of "all things beachy" saved from
 a guest bedroom years ago.

See? Not throwing crap out does come in handy.

We could've knocked out some more projects if there wasn't a plane to catch and all
(I'm looking at you outlet covers),

but what a change using only stuff already on hand and a $19.99 shower curtain.


  1. I love it.....I am in the process of decorating my toilet room into a beach hut haven :)

    I would love it if you would share this post on the Waste not Want Not Wednesday @ Pretty Shabby UK! I really think my readers will enjoy it!


    Many Thanks

    Dawn @ Pretty Shabby Uk

  2. Brilliant! Definitely not scary any more! (love the towel rack idea!)

  3. I love it! The towel rack is genius. I love great looking + practically free. You get lots of daughter bonus points.

  4. You are an ideal house guest!

  5. I love it! This is what I need to do to our scary hall bathroom. I pinned your towel rack to Pinterest - that is exactly the look I want. Thank you for the design inspiration!!

  6. Terrific job! I really like the towel holder - the wood slats you chose are very cute.

  7. It looks so much better. Great makeover! Not scary any more. If all you require from a vacation is getting sunburned and painting, pleeease, come to my house!

  8. Love the transformation- and the towel rack is genius!

  9. You definitely have quite the knack for turning scrap wood into nifty things (yes, I'm still hung up on that planter into a shelf transformation). You could have free vacation room & board around the country if you just advertised you'd redo a room before you leave :) I know grandma loves what you did. It looks so fresh and nice.


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  11. This is amazing...you could seriously host some sort of beautify-on-a-budget show on HGTV. My mom would be your first and most devoted viewer. Gorgeous! And the towel rack? So clever!


  12. Great job!
    I always have grand plans of redoing a room when I visit my parents...I always end up just cleaning up after my kids and maybe doing a few rounds of dishes ;)

  13. What a terrific make over. The bathroom looks so much bigger in the lighter colour. I love the towel rack. And what a challenge to only repurpose things already in the house when decorating.

  14. LOVE it!! So nice and fresh-looking and the tiles on the counter even look new and fresh, although they have not been changed. Funny how that happens! It's hard to tell on my monitor...are the walls white or a light blue or cream?

  15. Fabulous! What a difference a few changes make, eh?

  16. LOVE IT!!! Your Mother LOVES it!... ohhhhh that's me. Manuel said that you needed another week at the house to get the rest of it done.... I'm thinking about actually putting on the rest of the handles on the cupboards and drawers.... do you think that 7 years is long enough to wait before getting them done? Also, any suggestions for the bathroom? I'm trying to think what kind of knobs would look nice...cute.... practical....no not practical... Quaint (how do you spell that?) I love you and it is absolutely wonderful and fun to use that bathroom now... we had visitors (family) and they wanted to go home and paint their's as well.
    I LOVE what you did and LOVE YOU! Thanks for all that you did....

    Love MOM

    P.S. Manuel couldn't let it end there.... he went and got paint and painted the back bedroom lighter colors as well.... Light Blue and Taupe (the paint with the sand) and it is going to be a "Beach Bedroom" again... I will send you photos when were done!

  17. Oh and the paint has the "hint of glitter" in it.... so the blue sparkles like there is "ever so slightly the hint of stars".... and the sand/taupe has sparkles like mica in the sand! Love it! Now for ideas on making headboards for the two beds in that room!.....

    P.S. Still haven't found time enough to clean the garage yet...

  18. Fantastic! Love your waste not want not attitude and eye for making things pretty. Great job!

  19. Your talents never cease to amaze me. Wow! This is incredible!!

  20. That is awesome! How fun! And yes, wood can DEFINITELY be cute. :)

  21. fabby. well done you. nothing like a bit of paint to perk up a room....you are my hero.

  22. Wow! I've got a bathroom that has been in the process of being renovated for over two years - open studs and a bathtub just sitting there unconnected to anything. Wanna come over?

  23. i really love it..i love decorating my house..oh i can't wait that my house would be done..i want to make sure that it would look good and well organized..you have given me a lot of ideas..thanks to you

    towel racks

  24. Love the transformation! The woods was cute when you finished with it. ;o)

  25. Fantastic! The trowel rack is pure genius and an idea I might steal. Behold the power of paint and a woman who gets things done!

  26. Nonsense, wood can be plenty cute! You just demonstrated that practice with this post. Overall I say very nice job!!

    -Irwin Zinkin

  27. Wow, the new bathroom look is awesome! I love it!


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