Friday, July 13, 2012

Planter ---> Craft Storage

After the regional guy for work came through and declared our faded flowers "tacky," 
this wood planter was doomed for the dumpster.

(if he thinks a few fake blooms make it cheesy in here, I can only imagine his thoughts on diaper clad cupids and Willacorns)

My manager is well aware of my love affair with garbage recycling tendencies, so instead of taking up room in a landfill, he sent this hot mess home with me to take up room in my garage.

Where it sat for months.

Until one day all of my ribbon seemed to be taking over and completely out of control, and I realized that the Coca-Cola solution - also a work cast off - was too small.

But maybe JUST MAYBE that wooden box could be a spacious ribbon spool condo if it was turned on it's side and secured to the wall.

All of this room and no HOA fees.


  1. DANG! If that's not genius, I don't know what is.
    Proves that everything can be turned into something useful and pleasing to the eye if you only apply some TLC and craftiness.
    Me gusto!

  2. Isn't there a parable that loosely goes like this ... a man had a hold of an elephant's trunk and asked what he was holding onto, he said a trunk (not an elephant) ... You're one of those creative types who see what it is today and steps back and also sees the bigger picture. My personal rule is before you consider throwing it out, turn it sideways, upside down, inside out (if possible), etc. to see what you have. Honestly, even with my rule I don't think I would have seen a two tier shelf. Great thinking!


  3. Well, aren't you the inventive one. I love repurposing things like this. Unfortunately my husband doesn't always want to hang onto things until I come up with a fabulous idea.
    Great job, you ribbons look great displayed lke this!

  4. LOVE IT! Okay, now I'm scared, because I didn't think it was THAT tacky to begin with, LOL. As usual, that was a GREAT transformation!

  5. you are truly amazing! Good for you! I love your style!

  6. I love this idea. I want to organize my sewing room - which is actually half a room in the basement. I think I will look for planters to use as shelves and if that doesn't work out, maybe use old wooden cd cases as shelves.

  7. Ha, ha! HOA fees;) So in all my power setting up, no more water bills! I didn't realize when you've got your own well you don't get charged! However... I'll let you know how my entirely electric appliance house bill is in a few months.

  8. Brilliance, but I am stuck on the tacky comment about your work... I thought that was the "look" they were going for! :)This looks way better at your house for sure!

  9. No HOA fees...ha ha haaaa! You're a riot!
    Love what you looks so great! You're so clever.... I ♥ it!

  10. I'm going to enjoy your blog, I just know it.

    new follower! Hope you will follow back

  11. Love it! I too have a ribbon addiction so I recently had to make more room. :)


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