Monday, June 11, 2012

Kraft Krush Day 1: Let The Mind Blowing Begin.

Okay, "mind blowing" may be a bit dramatic, but we've got seven days of over 100(!!)
kraft paper wrapping photos, so if nothing else, it's a week full of packaging eye candy.

Today is Day #1, so let's start with the most basic of the basics.


Colored Pencils.


Keep it sweet and simple, or get as artsy and fartsy as your heart desires.

Even better? LET THE KIDS DO IT.

{occupied children = mom can take a shower with no banging on the door. sweet.}



  1. I love kraft paper for gifts...1 my kids can decorate..
    2. i can use my cricut to spruce it up too!

    or 3...that supply of tulle or ribbons always look presh!

    4. i like attaching some blown up balloons too! makes ours stand out haha (that's only when something cute is inside) grins

  2. ok where did you find a huge supply at a cheap price? or did you? i can always use more....i got cheap and bought some of the postal brown paper at the dollar store (tears easy)

    1. FYI Laura, I know they sells rolls of cheap paper with about 100 ft of paper at Ikea. I paid $5 for my roll. I use it for everything.

      I love all the cool gift-wrapping pics on this fabulous blog! Especially the hand drawn bow and gift tag. Its so cure!

  3. I have some that I got from who knows where and it is IMPOSSIBLE to thick. Ick. The stuff that's my fave is from Michaels (HoLo might carry it too) that's kraft-like, but thinner. I wanna say it's $4.99, I use my 40% off coupon, and it's got like 100 square feet of wrap.

  4. I adore them all!!!! Find me my sharpies this instant!!!!


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