Monday, May 21, 2012

That Was Easy: Painted Silhouettes


what you get when you mix 5 minute silhouettes with old canvas pictures that you were going to get rid of.

Take the photo,

print, cut out, and trace.

{kinda morbid, no?}

Then fill it in. For best results, paint topless.

We could've done a second coat of black paint, but I like the little specks of white. It makes it look aged, rather than a just-did-it-last-Sunday-night-while-watching-Once-Upon-A-Time.


  1. GREAT idea....I think they turned out awesome!
    Have a nice day Rebecca! :)

  2. Love that the family silhouettes includes the dog :) Great recycling use of those old art canvases. Really like the balance the silhouette art brings to the piano vignette and I love a classic black / white color theme and it looks like you have one going on there.


  3. You make these look so simple. They really are outstanding. You're so creative.

  4. I love how they look on your wall, fabulous arrangement!

  5. Wonderful idea and great family project. I don't think I'll be painting any topless though. LOL! TFS!

  6. LOVE IT! When I get my own house, please come decorate it? Or at least don't hate me stealing ALL your ideas?

  7. Great idea! I have done a similar project in my classroom. Instead of painting the sillouettes I staple the photo to black paper and cut around the photo. I totally embellish eyelashes etc!

    This idea would be way more fun for my second graders! Thanx for the idea!

  8. I LOVE your blog! I love your writing, and especially hearing about your rambunctious, irreverent family! mostly because it sounds alot like mine :-D

  9. why not paint the picture you cut and seal it down to the white part? then you wouldn't have to worry about painting over the lines


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