Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy

I'm not a pastel/cutesy/springtime-y kind of girl, but I can fake it.

Finally a use for those decades old decorative scissors.

I hated to take down our St. Patrick's day rainbow, so.....I didn't. The pot o' gold was simply swapped out for some flowers.

This time not only does Carlos get a sweet ride (check out that driving face),

he also gets to paint. Lucky guy.

That bow slays me.

Here's hoping that you don't find any dragons in your eggs this weekend.


  1. Oh, the dragon egg is awesome. Consider that idea stolen.

  2. Rebecca,

    You are so clever with your crafty decor ... your ideas always make me smile and thats saying a lot because I'm not the most happy holiday (of any kind) type of person. I pinned those cute bunnies made out of paper cups ... they would make a great alternative easter basket.


  3. You do have a lot of fun with your decorations don't you?!?!? Love the wish about not getting any dragons. So darn cute and your posts always give me a smile!

  4. I love the coffee cups! What great ideas you have. If you're faking being a pastel/cutesy/springtime-y kind of girl, man you're good at it! I love this blog!

  5. you are having entirely too much fun. you slay me.

  6. You are magic. You should start your own consulting/training business for businesses! So cool!

  7. Carlos the bunny is a riot! TOO FUNNY! Your decorations are awesome, as always! Love what you did with the rainbow. Very cute!

    Happy Easter!

  8. Awesome! You're like a little fairy spreading creativity dust everywhere you go!

  9. haha - I love Carlos the Bunny...I think I might have to make one of those for my husband for the next holiday, a Trevor Uncle Sam?

  10. I love Carlos the bunny... hmm what could my hubby be? Something I was noticing is the texture on the wall. Did you do that? That had to take some time to make each little swipe in the mudd. And the dinosauer egg was a nice touch. It all made me smile


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