Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I Love

-  Children playing with each other and actually getting along.

- Crossing things off of my to-do list. 

I've never been a list kind of girl, but aging (or children? or ADD?) has done a number on my brain. I can't remember a darn thing anymore, and writing junk down that needs to be done each week makes me feel like I've got a plan. Even when I don't.

- Indulgences that break into little squares for perfect healthy portioning. 

Or not.


Today I'm with Polly over at Helping Little Hands talking about other things that make me happy.
Come on over and say hi.


  1. I'm coveting that trampoline -- is it true they raise your insurance rates?

    But the real coveting comes when seeing that to do list. I remember when you posted it -- it is transforming itself nicely into a list of completed projects. Way to go! --and love the "pop" of red against the white background and dark ink! ;)

  2. That trampoline looks like so much fun!

    Your To-Do list is so neat and in order... I wish mine was! I am the queen of To-Do lists and Post It notes! If it doesn't get written down, it doesn't get done. Unfortunately when I cross stuff off my list, then I just keep adding more!

    I hope you and your family have a great weekend! :)

  3. I heard that children could play together...but I have never seen it! Or, is it that I just can't remember that, either? Do you ever forget where you put the list?

  4. I totally get the list thing! However I have been swamped with this kitchen makeover and started a list. The kitchen table was covered for a week and I found a list I had forgotten I made, it was a week old and I hadn't done one darn thing on that list all week, but yet I hadn't stopped moving! Ugh!

  5. We have a trampoline like that and it is the scene of many a happy event - from picnics to afternoon naps to reading a good book or bouncing 'till you can giggle no more! (and that's not just the kids!!)

  6. I love lists! Oh, and binders! I'm pretty sure it's a sickness. Vacation planning - make a binder, party planning - another binder...and so it goes. We had a trampoline and we loved it. I felt like such a kid when I would get on :)
    Nice handwriting, btw

  7. Your handwriting is sooo neat and pretty! shows a creative organized mind....mine is horrible....guess i know what that says about me!

  8. Love crossing things off!!!
    Can we print out a ward directory?? I saw that on your crossed off items. Hmmm, I need to visit my ward website I guess. I seriously need an updated directory.


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