Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three Things I Love On This {forced} Day of Romance

NUMBER 1: My new job at church. 

I got put into the Young Women's Presidency which means that I get to serve as a warning LEAD AND BE A ROLE MODEL FOR the girls ages 12-18. It also means I now have an OFFICIAL, DIVINE excuse to craft and buy lots of candy.

Speaking of candy, which I usually am, did everyone else on the planet except for me know that these pretzel bags are the perfect size for holding nuggets? HERSHEY nuggets, that is. LOVE THAT.

What I don't love is trying to figure out why some projects in my mind only take five minutes, but when translated into reality, end up taking infinity plus one hour.

Not even remotely as cute as they should be based on time wasted from my life.
I made three of these and realized that wrapping itty bitty chocolates is better suited for people with better coordination than I posses (most of the population and probably a few monkeys), and that it would be V-Day 2013 by the time these were finished.

Plan B: Dollar Store Favor boxes. The fail proof angel of mercy.

The candy was dumped in straight from the bag. Oh, the horror!

NUMBER 2: Class valentines using junk we already had = free.

Construction paper squares, punched out hearts and hot glued on candy. No cute sayings. No colored fonts. And most importantly: no complaints.

All the classes done in less than 10 minutes.

NUMBER 3: A hubby that knows me like no other.

And therefore doesn't argue when I tell him what I want for this stupid holiday, but also the anniversary of when we got engaged 17 years ago, is laundry baskets. Laundry baskets that have handles. Laundry baskets that aren't cracky on the bottom from letting three boys ride them down the hill in the front yard when it snowed last year.

Flipping them over to use as stools daily probably doesn't help the situation much either.


Beats flowers any day.


  1. I love your feeling of divine responsibility to buy candy and craft. It's so good. ;) Also - a new laundry basket is a beautiful thing! Congratulations! :D

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! What lucky girls to have you in their lives! Where did you get those little bags with the hershey's in them, my SIL was just here and we looked for them. Cute ideas and so practical!

  3. Love the ideas! Our valentines turned out almost the same except I was too lazy to pull out the hot glue gun. Stapler anyone?

  4. Were your new laundry baskets red? Great post. I have hundreds of those same boxes, left over from my daughter's wedding 8 years ago. Any other ideas of how to use them? Yours look great, BTW.

  5. They make skinny treat bags now?! What else have I missed while out of the country for 2 years?! Enjoy those baskets! :)

    1. So glad to know I'm not the only one clueless on this. Can't wait to stuff my decorated pretzels in here.

  6. I make those pretzels all the time and had no idea there were bags for them. Urgh - I'm so behind the times. Love your title - this forced day of romance -- I totally agree. what happened to being romantic and sharing the love the other 364 days of the year. blessings love this!

  7. L♥ve all the valentine ideas!

  8. love it all. happy valentines day to you and your pretzel bags and laundry baskets. no exclamation points. just pure love for you and your blog. when are you coming to visit?

  9. aww... kinda wanted to see a pic of your new laundry baskets!! Love your Valentines!

  10. Happy New-Clothes-Baskets Day!
    My husband got me a Weight Watchers cookbook for V-Day.
    And not because I asked for one.

    Do you think he's trying to tell me something? :)

  11. I asked for spray paint and used book shelves. And I got them. Did you know address lables wrap around nuggets? You can stamp on them.

  12. Is that a valentine for Bruno Marz, lol

  13. Is that a valentine for Bruno Marz, lol

  14. Very cute! And congrats on the new job :)

  15. I never tire of your posts! They always have me laughing out loud!

    "serve as a warning" <--I seriously loved that part! I bet those girls love you because you're fun and sassy! I had leaders ALMOST as cool as you and to this day I am grateful for them.

  16. The curse of the project that ends up taking infinity plus one hour. I've been sucked in to that vortex one too many times! Your YW handouts are darling of course, I will be stealing those ideas, thank you. And, a woman after my own heart, for Valentine's Day and our anniversary combo I bought myself a fancy mop. Brandon has yet to understand how this is more romantic than flowers, but it just is. Enjoy your baskets. :)


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