Monday, January 9, 2012

How Fitting To Welcome In The Year With An Owl Since I Just Said In My Last Post That They Aren't My Thing

First things first:

My mom came to visit during the holiday break, and snapped a quick photo as we left church Christmas day. Not planned, as evidenced by the hodge-podge/boys hair not fixed/wear whatever you want as long as you are READY TO LEAVE IN FIVE MINUTES look we all have. In other words? The way we look every Sunday.

Real life. It's a beautiful thing. And because I don't think we've had a family photo since 2008...also snapped in front of church....

....I guess we were overdue. For all of you who would've gotten Christmas cards in your mailbox had I actually done them this year (or any year since 2006), consider yourself Happy Holiday-ed.

*   *   *

The short break from work and school and sensible eating left lots of time to get busy. Not that kind of busy. Crafty busy. Making stuff busy. A whole other post worth-o-busy that I'll get around to soon. Suffice it to say that the sewing machine was out for......uh....well, technically it's still out. So it was no surprise that when a {girl}friend of Hayden's had her 8th birthday coming up, and I had this bookmarked from  Make It and Love It,

Directions and Pattern here.

it was the prefect time to roll up my sleeves. Literally. I didn't have enough fabric to use for the body piece, but a hot pink shirt that was handed down to me fit the bill perfectly. For anyone who doesn't know me in real life, I DON'T WEAR PINK. Unless it's in my hair. Which doesn't count.

A lovely shade for making fabulous hooters, no?

{In my head there was gonna be a mama/baby combo, but after sewing with that blasted stretchy jersey that likes to argue with my sewing machine needle and not stay where it's supposed to, my dreams were crushed and I only did one hoot.}

{With no feet, since I didn't have any orange fabric. I also omitted the middle-y piece, making it just a front and back instead of a front/back/middle.}

{Basically, I took the pattern and did whatever I wanted}

I had the stuffing, and the little pieces were just scraps of patterned fabric, felt and old jeans -y'all know about the denim hoarding already. The final cost = Zero dollars.

Mr. Owl got put in a big ol' box that I needed a big ol' bow for, and instead of ribbon I played around with paper and tried one which was SO EASY that I've kept making them for no reason other than to experiment. My life is full of deep, meaningful activities like hot gluing paper obsessively. But that will also be another post. HOW TO MAKE A LOOPY PAPER BOW. It'll be captivating.

*   *   *

Lastly, if owls ARE your thang, HoLo's got super cheap owl-ified ribbon. Which gives you the perfect excuse to bust out a tag with googly eyes.

Owls are definitely Jessica's thang. So yummy she might eat them.
(Good luck in your move to Korea, girlfriend.)


  1. Look at how big everyone is! I feel like such an old lady saying that, but it's true.

    Love the owl (and the packaging), agree that jersey is an awful fabric to sew with. I usually will only attempt t-shirt sewing if I have a men's shirt that's thicker and has less stretch.

  2. How fun to see a now and then pic!

  3. I think your family picture turned out great! And so did your cute owl. We use old T-shirts for all sorts of things around here.

  4. So cute! I love the family pics!!

    Love your guts

  5. Reminds me of our family every Sunday. It's quite an accomplishment that we are able to get there on time!
    Happy New Year!

  6. I've been resisting the owl trend as well as I can too. But then you show me the cutest owl pillow and I want to fill my bed with owl pillows! Why do you do this to me? My husband will not approve of this new bedding. :)

  7. You have seriously the cutest fam ever. Except for mine of course.

    And I can't even find my ding dang sewing machine. It's buried under burlap scraps and birdcage veiling.

    I like your hooter. Don't get any ideas.

  8. I am loving owls, too. I can't help it! Also - love your purple hair!!

  9. Hey, that's the way I sew....directions? Say what? Your family is beautiful and your daughter looks just like you! The owl is too cute for words. Glad to see you in 2012!

  10. Adorable! I have wondered if you were in a Christmas relaxation comma??? I just posted an owl project, you inspired me! :)

  11. Oh, I find it hilarious that you didn't add feet because you didn't have orange feet. I don't think a PINK and DENIM and PATTERNED owl would mind non-orange feet. LOL! You don't quite seem like a rule-follower : )

  12. What's with your friends leaving to move... across oceans?! Israel, Korea... did she leave any furniture behind:) Love the owl did not look retarded from stretchy fabric.

  13. Awesome! I love your work and the gift tag is just great.

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  14. Now how could owls not be your thing when you are so good with them? This is super cute!

  15. Courtney just LOVES her owl! And she felt super special to be a part of your blog post. And she wanted me to tell you as I'm typing this, "thanks for the ice cream". She thought the whole gift was the bomb. She also put her big bow (that she also loves) on her door! It looks great!

    Thanks for making her special day more special! <3

  16. I love that owl ribbon. I'm assuming HoLo's is Hobby Lobby. We don't have that here.
    We never get the whole family co-operating in a photo. I'm learning to accept it. I learned from a photography course "expectation reduces joy".

  17. I should also point out that your blog title is hilarious.

  18. Your. Hair. Is. AWESOME.

    And your family is super gorgeous too.

  19. I feel so bad that I'm only just now seeing this!!

    It's so difficult to get to your blog because all the links on my main page or in Korean!!! :O

    I think I have it mastered now, though!!

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