Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrapping Paper + Scissors = A Christmas Kitchen

I swear I'm keeping it simple this year.

There's a few boxes of Christmas decorations I didn't even take out of the attic. Even though I'm enjoying not having all the stuff around, the kitchen was feeling a bit.......bland. Inspired by the icicles/udders I made for work, I thought I'd try a variation here at home making sure to keep it:


I gathered up my supplies,

and then realized it would be SO MUCH FASTER to get straight lines with a scrap piece of wood than a ding dang itty-bitty ruler. If you're super smart (which isn't the case here) you can use paper that has the grid on the back. Dollar Tree paper doesn't.

I used the bowl to make scallops, layered a bunch of strips together so they could all be cut out at the same time, and snipped away.

Looped some tape and stuck it up.

And stuck up some more.

And stuck up some more.

"I like it. It's like a candy store from the cartoons." 
Camden, age 9

{If you don't have open cabinets, a bookcase or entertainment center would just as well}

Come December 26th, I can just throw it away. Sweet.


  1. first i couldn't get past the word udders w/o laughin....i've been nursing for 3+ yrs straight...i'm all udder

    as for the kitchen? um do you give courses how to achieve the look of clean-ness with ur kids? i want to be u

  2. so sweet! laura and ma ingalls would be proud.

  3. That pig bowl is AMAZING! Oh how I love it. And I'm definitely going to try to incorporate this into my -completely void of decorations- apartment.

  4. I love your open cabinets!! Wish I was brave enough to do it with my pantry (because nobody ever remembers to shut the doors and it drives me barmy having them open all the time).

    We've not decorated at all this year - only Christmas cards in the blinds. Your wrapping paper decorations are gorgeously simple and festive.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  5. So cute! I put wrapping paper in the backs of my cupboards.

  6. Ok first. Cute.

    Second. I want a clean kitchen like yours.

    Third. I forget.

  7. I just found your blog today, when I googled "making a craft room on a budget," which, in itself, is funny because I'm not crafty. And yet...

    Love, love, love your craft room and it gave me all kinds of ideas, and now I just keep looking at all your creativity and I'm inspired.

    All that, and you're fun to read too! Thank you!


  9. This WILL be done in my future home on the first Christmas I live there! I've decided.
    This post has been viewed, absorbed, and filed away for safe keeping. ;)

  10. Wao! Just wonderful ; ) Love all your ideas
    Thanks for sharing. Wish you a very merry christmas and all the best for the year to come

  11. Great idea! So simple, yet cheerful!

  12. kay, that's cute & all, but...seriously, that piggy bowl........i would sleep with it under my pillow at night <3 !!!

  13. May I ask where you found those oh so gorgeous glass jars, that contain, what appears to be , flour and sugar ? Love the idea you have here

  14. You have some really great and easy ideas! I was wondering where you got that adorable yellow pig bowl? My mother loves pigs and that needs to be in her collection!!!!


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