Thursday, December 8, 2011

Using What You've Got {Christmas} Decorating: The Work Edition

I have the most perfect job in the world.

Cinco de Mayo 2010.  That's me in the sombrero making everybody to wear my sharpie-scribled-on-paper-then-cut-out mustaches.

I get to send the kiddos off to school, and then go play. Sure, I deliver catering orders. Yes, I make 592 sandwiches a day. But mostly? I PLAY. Teasing customers coming in on their lunch break, singing loud and off key with our live musicians, and all around having a helluva fun time. AND being home in time to see my babies walk through the front door in the afternoon. See? Perfect.

(Okay, ALMOST perfect, as it doesn't leave much time for regular blogging. But you already knew that part.)

Celebrating Thanksgiving with our paper bag turkey. Getting to wear my awesome hats is just icing on the cake.

As a super-de-duper bonus, my girl Allison and I are the {self appointed} Holiday Coordinators. If there's a season, we'll be decorating for it.

Dollar Store rats getting a chocolate shake fix at Halloween

Made up occasions? We celebrate those too.

"Sean Day" aka photoshop co-worker's face on Superman and hang way up high where it will remain until the end of time

When we decided to wrap up presents as part of our Christmas decor this year, I thought it was the perfect time to practice what I preach in the wrapping of crap department: you really can USE ANYTHING. Like paper menus.
Reindeer silhouettes,

fan thingy-s and penguins,


and pinwheels.

 (click on the links for directions)

 But you don't just have to limit your paper fetish to fake gifts. There are a ba-jillion other things you can do, and even though we like to use paper because we have no budget, you can use the same ideas at home too. FREE DECORATIONS, PEOPLE. FREE.

How about a tree topper (2 cut out stars + embroidery thread)?

Or a butt load of regular ol' computer paper cut into snowflakes and icicles that may or may not also resemble cow udders?

When your manager's last name is "Coz", there's gonna be trouble. I will not be stopped.

Allison's holiday pennant banner,

and remember my trash initials? Same technique (cheerio boxes and wrapping paper), then taped on the back to a piece of twine.

That "wreath" (since we couldn't have anything 3D on the door that swings all day and would drop stuff on the ground) is posterboard covered with cut out holly-ish shaped leaves. Peace, Love, and Potbelly.

Paper bags transformed into stockings,

and maybe my favorite thing in the whole wide world: snow. Especially because it's the fake kind. Cotton balls and fishing line, baby. Best. Snow. Ever.


  1. Wow, this Allison is pretty cool! ;)

    I love all the decorations! I love how you use what's around you and make it look fabulous!! Makes me wish that I worked at Potbelly's with you!

  2. It looks great! Decorating for the holidays was my favorite part of working, too. So have customers started begging you to come wrap their presents yet?

  3. Hey wait. I want to make 592 sandwiches. And wear a turkey hat. And make paper udders.

    And be like your best friend ever.

    Life is sooo not fair.

  4. So fun! Is it the Potbelly's near the Mall? Or the one on Preston road? Wish we had one here in I miss TX stuff bigtime some days :)

  5. Are ya'll hiring? Getting paid to play is the BEST!

  6. this is mind-blowing! they are soooo lucky to have you! seriously, i want to copy all of this! especially the paper star... because mine always falls off. i am now going to stop writing this comment because my kids are late for school. mostly because they are still asleep. because i went for a miserable run and then sat down to google map how far i ran and then posted it to facebook and then stopped by my own blog to see if anybody (me) had posted today (they hadn't)and now i am here and the kids are still asleep and need to be out the door in 15 minutes.

  7. Ok seriously I'm coming to work with you. You would make going in each day well worth it!! I bet santa coz loves you!

    as for potbelly...ummm hello...i so need a sandwich now...i haven't had one in ages....see ya later....

  8. that's it! i have to find a way to stop in.

  9. HA!!! And my favorite part is the superman pic... and Dr. Pepper being your new best friend;)

  10. You. are. fabulous!!!! I think I'm a new follower over here!

  11. Yea you...this is terrific!

  12. Love. it. all.

    However, my two biggest takeaways from this post are:

    A) I want your reindeer's long, luxurious eyelashes.
    B) I really want a sandwich.

  13. You are amazing and inspirational! I love your style and class and dang I'm lucky to call you my friend!

    Jennifer S. Little Rock AR

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  15. These are great, I am adding one of the pictures to a recent blogpost (with links, obvs)

  16. 'Merry Christmas to me' for discovering you through Pinterest. You are amazing! I can't wait to share your blog with my co-workers. And as a thank-you I would like to share this web site with you: (For anyone advocating for a child with special needs.)

  17. Wow.Wow.Wow.Wow. I have been scanning(devouring) many of your posts (at work...oops.) I have e-mailed myself every third idea you have. This will definitely become a decorating/gifting/creativy resource for me year round. Thanks so much for sharing all of your awesome ideas!


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