Sunday, December 4, 2011

Like Lingerie. For Your Mail.

I save containers.

Call me cheap.

Call me a hoarder.

Either way, you'd be right.

{soda bottle directions here}

But oh do they look cute in your mailbox. The hardest part is getting off the label,

and once you're free of that mess (and your kitchen smells citrus-y fresh thanks to all that Goo Gone), go to town and fill 'er up.

You can coordinate the address tag if you feel like it, but you don't hafta. No rules here.

Just the simple fact that you can SEE INSIDE provides all the surprise you need.

(Or, I guess technically, no surprise at all, since you can....see inside. But still. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO FIND THIS ON THEIR FRONT PORCH?)

{Heather, you said you liked coconut, but I didn't know if you were an almond fan. So I played it safe with girl candy. Girl candy = no nuts.}

If what you're sending is small enough, you can go the extra mile and wrap it up too. Baby clothes can be bundled tight enough that they can still fit through the lid.

(tag printed off of the computer with this image)

Add a Mr. Giraffe,

and an empty Cheese Ball plastic jar,

and you've got a sendable {see-through} zoo.

Perhaps it'll be cute enough to make up for being EXCEEDINGLY late?? Hunter was born months ago. He's practically in college. I love you Ben and Jessica - even if I am a slacker aunt in the sending-of-baby-shower-presents department.


  1. I love this idea...I feel bad about all the containers I didn't hang on to!

  2. I totally dig this kind of stuff. I actually used your 2-liter idea a few months back (except I had a 3-liter), and the recipient loved it!

  3. HA!!! I love it. I'm looking through the blog post waiting to see "the poor giraffe" with a sad face. I didn't see it. He looked happy in there!

  4. It really was exciting to get that package ESPECIALLY for my kids. There was squealing and jumping. You get a peek of what you're getting but it still takes a little effort to get IN THERE and ok yeah now your title makes sense. Perfection as usual. Thank you!!!!

  5. I LOVE this! No mor overflowing recycling for me! But I have to ask: the postal service takes these unusual containers in stride? Where do they affix the postage? Do you ever get hassled at your post office?

  6. That is what I wanted to know. The PO will accept these with no problems? I love the idea!

  7. So when your post showed up in my feed, I was pretty sure you were showing us all a big fat roll of ground beef.

    Thank you for not doing that for reals.

  8. Oh my gahhh, this is adorable. As soon as i get a sewing machine, all of my friends are getting lil stuffed animals in a jar :)

  9. You can almost mail anything. Seriously. I've been mailing junk....I mean RECYCLED CONTAINERS... for years with no problem. Bonus points for making the clerk smile.

    (when do you ever see that?)

  10. first love the animals in the jar....haha...great gift idea!!!

    2nd...i knew we were meant to be friends....hubs always has an empty jar and says "am i keeping this for some unknown stash" yes, yes you are. (who knows when it comes in handy)

    mmm cheese puffs

  11. How much does it cost to mail things like this? It's such a cute idea!

  12. I sent this off this morning (from Texas to California) and it was $7.96. It depends on how heavy the package is, but I don't think it's that much more than just a plain ol' box.

  13. These are ridiculously cute. Please send me one soon. Thanks! :)

  14. And just like that, yours became my favorite blog. EVER.

  15. I am a jar and container horder myself, i like all the things you can do with them.I like your ideas very much. I used to give-away Christmas cookies in a jar--I layered all the ingredients in a glas jar and at a nicely painted top and tag...that was a succes in my family. I just found your blog and i love it! Like your craftroom very much too.

  16. I love this idea - I'm going home immediately to drag the containers out of the recycling bin.

  17. Just.too.clever (and cute)

    Pinning an image now :)

    Robin @

  18. Pretty sure I just read your blog for 1.3 hours! I am in love and I do believe my husband is going to say, "Oh bother..." when I start keeping more trash (treasures really!) I already keep our tp rolls, baby food jars, and many other items because I use them for "craps" (crafts). Thank you for all of the inspiration and humor. You. Are. Awesome! <3

    P.S. I want to be like you when I (un)grow-up!

  19. We used to do Coke bottle swaps of scrapbooking supplies a few years ago - it was so much fun! Sadly it is hard to find a post office in Chicago that will take them now due to "security issues" -- hello! they are see thru!?!?

  20. Using this idea for a gift for my grandsons 1st Birthday! Bought him a Zoo Pass. Good way to give it to him.


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