Friday, November 4, 2011

Following Up

Item of Business #1:

When I shared my craft room that I hodge-podged together, there was a little bit of hesitation.

Not so much because I wasn't happy with it, but because I've seen so many BEAUTIFUL, PERFECTLY EXECUTED spaces, and I didn't want to hear about how it would've been cuter with a fabulous rug. Or some trendy chairs. Or some curtains that hadn't been hanging in there forever, in desperate need of lining (yeah - likes THAT'S ever gonna happen).

Those things are true.

Those things also cost money.

Call me crazy: I'd rather have groceries than cute metal bins.

But guess what I found out? Lots of y'all don't have budgets either. And it gave you inspiration - which is exactly what I hoped to do.


Today my second hand den of iniquity is being featured over on Roadkill Rescue.
A whole blog about repurposed found stuff?? Halleluyer. It would seem I'm not alone in my slowing-down-the-car-and-checking-out-trash-on-the-curb-and-putting-it-into-my-trunk disease. (My children LOVE when I do that, by the way....especially on the way to drop them off at school. Nothing oozes "cool" like yo' mama in slippers hoisting some old wood fencing into the minivan because it's beautiful and she can't believe that someone would just THROW IT AWAY.)

("Of course they would? It's junk.")

("And can you hurry and get back in the car? Someone is gonna see you.")

{And thank you Jessica for letting me know that you spotted it over on Craftzine too. I also got a few commenters that said they had linked over from Apartment Therapy (where my name is Rachael?) and Everything Etsy. I don't live in an apartment, or have an Etsy shop, but hey - that's cool.}

Item of Business #2:

I had so much fun doing the Wrap Your Crap series.

(from my inspiration folder on my computer, long before pinterest - let me know if it's yours)

YES, I have gotten your emails. I'm working on a permanent page that will list all the ideas together. Seeing that I am not blogger savvy, this could take until the end of time.

NO, I will not be doing anything of that scale that requires that kind of time commitment again anytime soon.


Perhaps a "stuff that's awesome/quick idea for present wrapping/why didn't I think of that" every so often post? I kinda did that anyway, but this time it would be intentional.

Once a month? I dunno.

What say you?


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm totally going to check out that site. Some of my favorite items were picked up along the roadside. Thankfully my kids aren't old enough to be horrified by it yet!

  2. I LOVED your Wrap your Crap Series - it was the best of the 31 day series I came across and the only one I followed every day without fail! You are all over Pinterest! Thank you for the great inspiration!

  3. I found you through Apartment Therapy, although I don't live in an apartment either. Like you, I have zero budget for decorating/renovating, and have spent the past couple of days (well, not all day, just parts of the days) pouring over your site. I love your creativity and ability to see potential in cast-aside objects. Very inspirational and I've had a great time looking at all your posts. You have a beautiful family, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I say yay!
    Also, crafting today in my make shift craft area (folding table in the front room)...makes me want to hurry up and finish cobbling my office together.

  5. This is great! You are getting recognition for being able to work with NO BUDGET! There's so many of us in the same boat as you. I too couldn't understand the newly made-over rooms with the "low-cost budget" of $500....even $100! I don't have that kind of money. And even if I did I don't think I would use it for a room when I kinda like re-purposing. It's more fun and challenging and when your friends ooooh and ahhhhh over your pieces and you say, "Yep, got that for two bucks at Goodwill" or "Found that on the side of the street and repainted it" and the look of surprise on their face makes it all worth it!!

    You have a knack for making things come to life and making them your own!

  6. I had to read through the apartment therapy comments. I loved that they called your "Rachel" in the post and then all the complaints about your not being able to spell wiser!

  7. I can't believe you were at all hesitant about sharing that room. What you did with $75 is absolutely stunning. I hope it makes you smile everytime you walk in.

  8. I thought the series was fabulous, giving tons of inspiration, but I can definitely see why you'd want to take a hiatus from something that big:)
    And I think most normal people dont have huge budgets for makeovers either. Thats why I love blogs so many ideas, so much inspiration. Even if its an expensive space I can figure out how to do it on my thrift store/yard sale budget. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I loved your craft room, it takes so much more creativity to create something on a budget and out of old, recycled, preloved stuff. And the reality is alot of us dont have the money to spend on huge makeovers, so seeing rooms like yours are inspirational. I can understand your initial hesitation, one of the problems with the internet is you see so many beautifully designed and styled spaces sometimes it can be a bit intimidating and you wonder how you can measure up. But as Handbags N pigtails said you just have to use them as inspiration and work with what you have.
    Also must say big thankyou for the 31 days of wrapping, love me some great practical wrapping ideas!

  10. I say congrats for the attention, you deserve it! You style is great, creative and I soooo no nonsense and I love it! And I say yes to anything more that you wanna do! :)

  11. Sounds like a cool blog! And you've seen the fate that befell (<-- not a word but I'm using it anyway!) my craft room which WAS magazine perfect but not really. No one has a magazine perfect craft space unless they don't use it!

  12. My kids must be related to your kids. They also love it when I jump out of the van, in my CAMO TERRYCLOTH lounging pants and snowmobile boots in order to grab a pallet or two...

  13. I dont get the island:) Can I be your Copy Editor? LOL! but I love it all, Love you!

  14. WHAT.....not post your craft room? NEVER apologize! You need to read Simple Abundance (get it from the library). When she hears people complain about how their dining room looks.....she says, "everyone who is lucky enough to have a dining room...say Thank You!"

  15. In this time most of us are on a tight budget! I love your ideas and I love to recycle, reuse or reproduce! Great, thank you!

  16. I just want to say that I love you and I am THANKFUL and PROUD to be your Mommy! You are just as creative in print as you are in design.... Perhaps you and Sierra can work on a "Book of Ideas" together??? I can TOTALLY SEE that happening... But keep the cost down for all of us on a Budget!! AND Keep the ideas flowing...

    Love, Mom

  17. I am missing your posts...I cut the pockets off an old jean skirt...just like you taught us!

  18. Alright, that's it. Knock it off. TWICE NOW i have read a comment by you on the WORLD WIDE WEB OF BLOGS and laughed to myself and thought- that girl and I have a lot in common. So I found my way to your blog a couple weeks ago and loved it (which, of course, in blog speak, means that I loved YOU.) And now I've come back and see that you haven't blogged in exactly 12 days. That's not right. I just fell of my (unpainted) wagon (blog) and sorta took a 2.5 month blog break. Once I was away for a little while, I found it very hard to get back on it. (Now we are back on a horse, forget about the wagon.) It took a new reader to leave me a comment and tell me something sweet to get me to sick back down and blog again. So, here you go. I am new, I am being "sweet-ish" and I am saying, WRITE SOMETHING. The end. Also, I am adding you to my very short blogroll list on my blog so that I don't forget to come back here and see what you write me tomorrow. This simple act of adding you to my blogroll will send thousands of readers your way. You are welcome.

    It actually won't.

    The end. (again)


  19. Congrats on the feature...and uh...I always wonder a little about people that spend a ton of money on a huge perfectly decorated craft room. I do crafts because I love making things...and it's cheap. It wouldn't be cheap if I had to spend a ton of money putting together a magazine worthy craft space.

  20. Oh. My. Word. I heart you...a lot...because you said "Halleluyer"!!! Hahahaha. Amazing! I say it all the time but never could figure out how to type it. Now I know! Hah. Btw, I think your craft room is great! If it makes you feel any better, my craft space is a corner in my daughter's play room and I have one measly bookshelf to hold allllll my craft stuff. I'm so frustrated with the situation lately so I'm on a bit of a soap box! LOL. Anyway, thank you for teaching me how to properly spell "Halleluyer"! xoxo

  21. OMG I fell in love with your crafting space. For me it had life. It didn't look like it came straight out of a box. Your space was my inspiration for my new craft room. Thank You so very much for sharing this with us :0)


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