Monday, October 10, 2011

Way #9: Black and White and Read All Over

Newspaper. It's a classic.
Although I've gotta admit- I had never used it before. For the purposes of this 31 Ways challenge, I wanted to try it out. My hubby picked up a paper on the way home from work, but he must have somehow grabbed a double pack because it was $5.


That's a dollar more than my beloved Hobby Lobby wrapping paper (half off) which lasts forever. So if you DON'T get a subscription and think you'll save money over the "real" stuff, think again. As for me, I'm saving every little scrap of that FIVE DOLLAR paper to use in every craft until next year so I can get my money's worth. Hey - at least I've got some front page experience, right?

While you're making a mess anyway, give the kids a list of letters you need and a pair of scissors and let them go to town. They'll be entertained, you'll have coordinating tags, and....your living room will have bits of cut paper everywhere. Happy kids trumps a clean house any day.
You could skip the ribbon all together and get fancy with a newspaper bow.
Or bundle up a bottle with cute curly-q's on top.
{I'm sure that there is sparkling cider inside that package. I am in no way, shape or form encouraging alcohol consumption. Because we've seen how ridiculous things get around here without any help from liquor.}


  1. Am I seriously the first to comment?! Hooray! ;)

    I love the idea of using the newspaper! Thanks!

  2. Do you have newspaper recycling day in your area? I am sure a neighbor could give you their old papaers for free. Five dollars....what kind of paper was

  3. Wait, you WEREN'T drunk in that video?!

  4. We used to wrap our crap in newsprint/cartoons all.the.time. when we were kids. Had forgotten all about that...must be the half a brain I lost in 6 labor and births.

  5. I have a friend who is always teasing me about wrapping my presents in newspaper. I can't wait to wrap his present and add the newspaper bow. Thanks.

  6. How do you make the newspaper bow?! I can't quite tell from the pictures.

  7. My dad will begin saving Sunday comics in July, and ever present her personally buys and places under the tree will be wrapped in them. He has done that for the past 30 years. I love seeing his packages and knowing that he did it all on his own! Now my kiddos are learning to love his tradition!

  8. What an amazing blogpost on different ways to decorate a package. So useful and creative. Thanks for all great info.

  9. I love the idea of using what you have. A penny saved is a penny earned and my nana said the pennies add up to lots of dollars, we forget this and waste so much


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