Friday, October 7, 2011

Way #6: Character Merchandising Is Your Friend (Fast Friday)

The quickest way to wrap up a "theme" gift? Two words:

Fruit. Snacks.

Go down the grocery aisle and you'll find stuff for girls

and for boys. Stack the box on top of your present and let it do all the decorative work. The hardest part is explaining to your own child why "we're not buying another one to keep at home."

P.S. Kroger (or Smith's/Fry's depending on where you live) has it's own line of fruit snacks (on sale for $1 right now). Dinosaurs, sharks, Build-A-Bear and - for anyone who thought yesterday's post was intimidating- these too.


  1. I'm loving all of your posts so far! I always care more about how I wrap something than what's inside. My family is used to me going all out. You've given me some inspiration.

  2. We just learned that they make fruit snacks shaped as lego! I might be sorry my son just saw this.


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