Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way #4: Baby Birds

We just talked feathers yesterday, but I think they deserve two posts, with their split personality and all. Sure, they can be posh and elegant and uber traditional.

And yet.

They can be sassy and playful. Which is way more my style.

You know what else is my style? A one dollar price tag.

{from the dress up section of Dollar Tree}



  1. What an awesome idea! Of course, I'd probably have to buy a couple extra boas just for dress up ;)

    (p.s. a group of crows is called a murder)

  2. I really have been enjoying your wrapping posts. I have a feeling my gifts for the holiday season will be infinitely more festive than the typical holiday bags. Thank you for the ideas and for taking the time to post about them!

  3. Still sneezing....though sometimes I sneeze at cute stuff, which this definitely is.

    My #2 daughter is getting married in Dec, and she wants feathers in the decor. Omagah.

  4. I'm loving "wrap your crap." I agree completely with your "little goes a long way" and most of the time I have to use what I already have because I'm so stinking behind schedule! I'm totally going to have to get some feathers for my stash though!

  5. You have such cute ideas. I would love for you to share on my linky party!
    Marcie @


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