Monday, October 31, 2011

Way #30: Talking Trash

I don't do Halloween.

The costumes? Yes. The candy? Heck yes. But the decor? Nope. Not my thing.

(unless you count window silhouettes)

When I saw the bats over on MADE last year, I filed it under my mental list of to-do projects for this year. Since I already had black paper, it was free. Who doesn't love free?

(Bats on the wall, pumpkins on the table, and I call it decorated. The random plastic bag under the chair only adds to the spookiness.)

What in the world does this have to do with how to wrap a package? Everything. When I was done, I had piles of little bat droppings.

Curved bits of paper that I could've thrown away, but being that it's can see where this is going. I used a hole punch on two pieces that were the same (one flipped so that they were the mirror image of each other),

taped it onto a wrapped box,

making sure that I could still bend up the edges enough to thread through some ribbon, criss cross (JUMP! JUMP!) style. So instead of trash,

we have.....okay, kinda trashy, but in an OO-LA-LA kind of way. Hello Bridal Showers.

There are some times when you don't wanna disguise your recycled goodness. I saw this ad in my hubby's ESPN magazine and you bet your sweet aspercreme he got ripped out immediately. I'm helpless to resist that face.

Some glue sticks, a plain box, and a printed up message: so easy, even a caveman could do it.

It's just a gift, not brain surgery. HAVE SOME FUN.

If you order a bunch of kids meals at Sonic, they bring them out to you in this bag. Instead of going in the trash, it went to a party. No bow, no tag, just 3 sheets of tissue paper and called it done.

If you wanna help others go green, put your goodies in a reusable shopping bag. There are tons of cute patterns out now,

with even cuter prices.


If you've got a garage full of plastic shopping bags, you can recycle them too.

Tutorial here


  1. So what I want to know is, how many birthday parties do you guys go to? I mean, my kids are lucky to attend 2 a year....I suppose I could just wrap crap to give to neighbors. When all six were home, yeah, we had a budget for birthday gifts there were so many...but I had hormonal issues that didn't allow for spending time on cute packaging. *sigh* Hormonal issues? Did I just type that out loud?

  2. I keep meaning to tell you in person, but I haven't --I've really enjoyed the Wrap your Crap month. It's been really fun to see what you had for each day. Thank you!

  3. Just sitting here enjoying my morning dose of Rebecca. You're like a younger, female, uncreepy, funny version of Regis.

  4. How did you get so stinking creative? Was there a special "wrap your crap" class that I missed in high school or college??? Love your pumpkin/bat decorating, too. Your home is very cozy!

  5. Literally sitting here LOL.....ING! crying tears! The who wants a spankin got me! What goes on in that brain of yours, too too funny!

  6. I am wrapping my brothers Xmas gifts in tampon boxes. brilliant!

  7. Using reusable shopping bags in place of paper gift bags is an AWEsome idea! Thanks!

    Also, you are hilarious.

  8. If I would have known that there was a cool chick in the D/FW area I would not have run screaming back to California a few years ago. I cannot remember how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did!!

  9. You finished up the series with finesse! Lots of great ideas, which I plan to use in future! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for all of your great ideas! I will have to put at least a couple of them to use.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. great series...♥ the spooky plastic bag under the chair, BTW :P

  12. OK, the Geico Caveman card just made me laugh so hard that I snorted and woke up the baby. Loved it! Love this series (I found you via Pinterest).

  13. I did the paper bat thing for Halloween too...but I threw away all my scraps. You're such a smarty pants.

  14. What a totally awesome month of ideas. Thanks for all your great posts!

  15. I will be laughing for days at the tampon box and caveman! Just found you today through a pinterest pin!!

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