Friday, October 28, 2011

Way #27: Strip Tease (Fast Friday)

You don't always have to cover up a present - showing a little skin can be exciting. And muy rapido.

(somehow "really fast" sounds sexier in Spanish)

(French would probably sound even more seductive, but I didn't do that in high school)

(the language, that is)

(sorry Mom)

Tie on a piece of fabric and call it done.

(pencils and pad from the $1 bins at Michael's)

How about a (bur)lap dance? That'll push his buttons. If you're gift isn't so hot au natural? Join the "modest is hottest" movement, cover up, and put your strip on top. If you don't have fabric scraps, never fear. Random leftover bits of wrapping that you always end up with (or expensive paper you don't want to use up too quick) work just as well. How 'bout a strippy bow? Scrap bits of whatever you can find, tied together.
Tutorial here.


  1. I am always amazed at what Michael's sells in their dollar bins. They are right on track with all the latest trends. The set you showed would be a great little gift for teachers(I am one so I can say that:))

  2. So is "Stip Tease" on Friday, because we all need a little more excitement at the end of the Week? Love the "A Little Less" is better approach! You definitly have a talent for words and crafts.... no need to appologize for being yourself.... I could never make it sound as interesting as you do! ie: (Bur)Lap dance! LOL. Love Mom

  3. Très vite - that's "very fast" in French.


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